Invisible elevator in Hero's Pass

Blessing in disguise. Noticed I was ascending to an advantageous perch for a blessed bird’s eye view at the very end of Hero’s Pass when I was picking off the remaining commandos and loaders. During the firefight I had the sensation that I would loose my footing at any second and give them a chance to recharge their shields. During a moment when I was remembering to breathe, I realized my spot was solid and I could relax and continue sniping. Not sure if developers put this here intentionally or not. It is a juicy exploit I found that helped me get stoked for ripping Handsome Jack’s face off, a literal second wind.

I don’t know anything about that, but I wanted to say that you write like Zer0 talks. It’s like you’re writing hundred word haikus. Seriously, people, imagine parchedelephant’s posts in Zero’s voice. Thank me later.

That was a compliment, by the way.

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Phonograph memory challenge–accepted! I enjoyed that.

This accolade is loftier than I am accustomed to. Thank you.

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You may want to use pictures like a map marked with a red x or video footage of your find. Just saying…

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Here is a link to the you tube video I made today. I apologize for the glare. Not investing in curtains because I am moving soon.

Yes I could have just waited till dark.

Oh, one of those. There are quite a few invisible floors in the game. In some places the floor texture is also higher than the actual floor so you seem to be walking a bit inside the ground.