Invisible targetting circles

On two separate computers the targetting circles that should be visible on the ground after you join the Slabs and when you are climbing to Bunker are not showing. Does anyone know what graphics setting they are linked to? Climbing to the Bunker is a real drag when you can’t see to avoid them and I don’t want try randomly changing settings as I don’t have any characters at either of those stages at the moment.

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Texture Quality or Game Detail, don’t remember which one. They disappear at lower graphics settings. Turn stuff up until they appear.


Someone asked about this a short while ago too, so you might want to hit the search function for the specific details. As @nbrownlie237 said, the targetting circles are applied as textures, which is why they can be disappeared on PC.


Thank you, both. I searched, but in the wrong forum. I will adjust the texture detail and see what happens when I get to those spots.


For anyone else looking, it was bullet decals. I had them set to high (and none were showing up) my wife had them set to off (or low, but I think off). We both set them to medium and target circles returned. So did bullet decals.

We had modified other settings mentioned with no effect, it was only after changing bullet decals that the circles returned.


Thanks for posting back with the solution - much appreciated!

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Thanks for finding the solution too. Mine disappeared awhile back not thinking they were connected to bullet decals (turned them off). I’ll have to set to low or med to get them back.