Invisible walls

I’m really pissed because of these much invisible walls everywhere in the game. In borderlands 2 we could climb and jump on so many secret places and discover the hole world, now we’re getting this stupid cage we could’nt see.
if u dont want to get us on the house of wainwright for excemple, then just eliminate all options to get there by solid structures but pls remove these invisible walls.
ist really frustrating when you think " oh lets see can i get there?" and then u get stopped by a wall u could’nt see. leave a like when u agree


Yer I strongly agree hear. When I first put BL3 on for the first play session and soon found a load of invisible walls I was like, gee I thought the invisible walls where a thing of the past like ps2 days. And the problem could be that you spend 20 min climbing to get up somewhere u can see and it looks like a hidden spot, you then climb to the top and get pushed of by a invisible wall. Theres your prize haha

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Invisible walls are annoying, but I’ve come to expect them in games. Along with the arbitrarily frictionless slope. Or the structure that clearly offers ledges to stand on or should otherwise be climbable, yet turns out to be smooth as glass. Borderlands 2 certainly wasn’t free of such constraints.


Yeah, BL2 had tons of this.

I use the minimap as context in BL3 - if it says there’s a way through, there often is. Sometimes you can traverse the dark / dead zone in a minimap, but often you can’t.

Traversal and map exploration is actually one of my favourite parts of BL3. The thing I find most annoying about the terrain is how their physics footprint extends out from the visual, which blocks a lot of shots that shouldn’t be blocked. Hoping they’re looking at that for the big patch that’s apparently their focus right now, tbh,

Yeah the one that annoyed me the most was the ledge in Gigamind’s arena- the area is shown on the map yet every time I tried to get up to it I’d bump into an invisible wall.