Inviting friends to a game on Xbox one

how do I add friends to a private match? I hit invite friends and they get the notification but are unable to join me. They hold the button to join but get the indication to turn off the console or controller. We are playing borderlands 1 on Xbox one. Thanks!!

Yo i got the same stuff happening to me. I wonder if this is an issue with xbox? Can anyone help?

Hey man we just figured it out. When you send an invite to your buddies, dont accept it by holding the xbox button. Instead go into messages and open it then select join game. Hope this helps.

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Good news! I’m glad you managed to figure this out. Now I’m wondering how the other options for on-line co-op work (or don’t) on the XB1. Any experience with match-making/open games?

Yeah, i could join a quick match every time i tried. But the big one for me was just the private game with my friends.

I recently lost all my saves as I sold my 360 n forgot to cloud my saves or back up to a flash/usb drive ;( anyway I recently started a fresh playthru n quickly unlocked playthru 2, however, i am looking for any1 willing to level boost so I can do the entire playthru 2 at max level so I can pick n choose the weapons/items I want to keep, rather than play and level up n have to keep changing items every few levels n sell them as there now useless etc… I remember it being reaaal quick levelling ppl up at the level b4 the destroyer, prominantry9i think its called) so any1 willing to do this hit me on xbox live Tokesey, I will return favours ie, drop items(dupe) or level up 1 of your guys in return blady blahdy blah thankin u plz

Anyone want to do a fresh playthrough of borderlands 1 2 and the presequal let me know