Ion Cannon Mistake, needs fixed

So farming Jacks Secret for the ION Cannon. 25 runs now and “6” times now the Fab blows up and almost all the loot jettisons off the map. twice you could stand on the edge and see the glowing legendaries fathoms below in the black sea.

Surely this can be fixed. I am all for showmanship and visual stimulation, but come on. Keep the loot in the arena

Has others had this issue, this cannot be just me

It happens to lots of us. The only “fixes” around it is load up other Mule or switch to NVHM and check the lost loot machine.

I do wish they can fix that really. I hate to load up NVHM or mule to check LLM everytime Ion Cannon falls out of the map

I can’t find it right now, but there’s an entire thread on this issue somewhere. It seems like where you are when you kill the Fabrikator can limit the risk of the loot flying off the platform, since it does tend to track direction to the player. IIRC if you’re inside the ring of large crates you shouldn’t have the problem as often.

Interesting, i will move to another spot, see if that helps. Thx Mate

So this worked, i ran another 25 runs and the loot wasn’t shot over the edge. I stood near the entrance door this time when he Fabric was going to die. So that solved that horrible bug. The one thing that still took place was out of 65 runs on 4 occasions he dropped nothing, i mean nothing, not even money, health, nada. That can’t be right

Sadly 65 runs and not one Ion Cannon with SNTL 100% Cryo

Not only have I had his loot fly completely off the map, I’ve had it fall through the floor on his map.

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I followed the Mods advice and changed where i was standing when the Fabricator died. I found standing near the entrance, the loot stopped shooting off the map. So that did work. However, still 4-5 times nothing at all, i think maybe it must have all fallen through the floor. Wish i can say i was watching to know for sure, but i wasn’t.

Happens killing tyreen as well at times.

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I was near the door when I killed him the loot fell in that direction as well and some of it didn’t fall through but most of it did including the ioncannon. Seems like when ever it doesn’t fly off the map or through the floor it’s always a non elemental. I have gotten 1 in cryo however.

True, i killed him probably 80 total times and nothing worth writing home about. My luck everytime he did have a great drop it went missing

Well it is still really bad. I killed him 50 times last night and at least 10 times there was nothing, i mean absolutely nada. Not even ammo.
On about 10 other occasions i could see the loot glowing off screen. They really gotta fix his massive explosions. Keep the loot in the arena.

But here is what works to save the day -

  1. if i stand right in front him he seems to throw less over the side. But he still will., so not a fix.
  2. Clear out your solitude lost and found machine. Go directly to the Fabricator, kill nothing, just run there. Once there pickup all legendaries even if it is trash and you do not want it. Now every few runs when your full go throw that trash off the edge of the map. This prevents the lost and found from filling up and allows some of what you lost over the edge to be captured by the lost loot machine. In doing this i actually had 10 ion cannons in the machine and two where gamma burst ones. Not that i care, i am searching for SNTL ones. But at least i got to see what was stolen from me.

The only times I can recall all the loot from the Fabricator flying off the map were due to what looked like a physics glitch because the Fabricator itself went flying towards the ledge or off it when destroyed.

try not to jump as well