ION Cannon y u no do dmg

I don’t get this weapon, it’s supposed to do a sh*t ton of dmg, yet I dont even manage to take down Traunts shields completely with it. How does it work, does it have some weird procs or what?

Long ago, 4 vault hunters lived in peace.

But everything changed when the Moze nerfs attacked.
(ion cannon got shafted, ruined my hex healing infinite rocket dual ion cannon moze build)


It used to be godly back in MH4 with way less ammo consumption. Now it’s just ok.

The anoints does the damage not the ION canon himself that’s why

Probably a really stupid question and I apologize ahead of time, but you do realize that you have to charge your shots to do more damage with it?

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Yes, I am aware of that.

Because gearbox does its usual and replaced it.
Reflux > brainstormed
Plague bearer > Scourge
Kaoson > Kybs worth
Major Kong > ion cannon
Light show > magnificent
Flipper > cutsman

I’m sure there are a ton more

It remains one of the strongest weapons for 1-shots, but that is also character dependent.


On Moze you need to pair it with FitSD, short fuse, and the 300/90 anoint if you’re wanting a chance at one shotting anyone.

Its damage wasn’t nerfed for ■■■■■ sake. You still maintain infinite ammo with a CMT. You can still one shot bosses easily with the ion cannon, especially on FL4K or Moze.

it was definitely nerfed
If you have to respec and use a specific combo of artifact and grenade mod and vault hunter to make a launcher viable when you used to not have to-

Not neccessarily. The Major Kong is a piece of hot garbage that doesn’t even hit but instead just has rockets cycling around the target like 60% of the time. It might technically have a slightly higher damage potential, but the ION canon is still infinitely more reliable and just more efficient.

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You didn’t read the comment properly. Gl0weN didn’t say it wasn’t nerfed at all, they said the damage wasn’t nerfed and indeed, it was not.

and I never said the damage was nerfed, so who’s putting words where >:(

Yeah, it’s reload speed was nerfed. Did you even read what I said? And good, I don’t think a gun should be insta killing everything while having infinite ammo with no skill/build investment. It’s just not healthy for the game. It destroys the process of creating builds with unique gear and skill compositions.

Yeah, I never said the damage was nerfed so IDK you coming at me with this:

doesn’t take away from it going from viable to not-viable real quick. especially with the other guns that are in the game.

It’s still viable. It just takes on more of a classic launcher role as opposed to a weapon that can just clear an entire map. There’s a reason why heavy ammo is so limited after all.

Viable as in can be used, not viable as in same tier as a lightshow, monarch, kaoson, hellwalker, etc.
You’ll almost always wanna swap it with something else unless you really, REALLY like it.

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My problem with the old ion cannon is it became my go to gun lol. That’s how good it was.

Are you using an elemental one? It seems they have way less damage than non-elemental ones. I have one from lvl 50 and it still works well at lvl 65.