Ion Cannons - tons for free

I just farmed for 36 Ion cannons and will have to sell them all because I have no room, let me know your gamer tag on Xbox and I will send you one. Let me know what element and anointment you are looking for also. I also have some other new drops. All free

I would very much like a fire one if you have it! GT: Undisputed Dave (or non-elemental with next 2 mags +50% fire dmg anoint if I’m being greedy)

I’ll take an annointed splash if you have one - any element works for me

If you have a corrosive or fire one I’ll take it. GT: Slayer2003z


I’ll gladly take a corrosive or ice one. Sinfulnote5.

If you’re still giving some out I’ll take one. Anything splash damage or ASE damage, element doesn’t matter. Appreciate the help. GT is Volak

I’m looking for an incendiary version, with a non-ASE anointment for an Operative running a CCC drone/shield build. Gamer tag above.

I do have stuff I’m willing to trade for it, listed here. Let me know if I have anything you’re looking for.

I would like to take an Ion Cannon (cryo or rad) off your hand. If anointed, splash dmg after ASE or Gamma Burst.
And cuz you mentioned it: If you have a Lucky 7, I’d take that, too!
Thank you anyway!

GT: dafatman911

I would be thankful for a fire or corrosive one , anything anointed for Zane is a plus…
Thanx! GT: xNOT2DAYx

Do you have a Sentinal or barrier anointed one? GT Jabezz.

Sent what I had, enjoy

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Can I have a ion Canon

Very cool of you, thanks. I am conch8 on xbox and would love a fire or corrosive ion cannon. Any ASE annointment would be bonus. Thanks again. If I have anything you need will gladly send it.

still have 1? interesetd in shock or cryo, any gunner annotiemnt would be great :slight_smile:
Gamertag b4d w01f

Any of them 125% splash would be sick man gt the lemonader

Any x2 with elements please, if available.

Yes, please - if you still have! Any works, but if you have Siren annointed, great.
Have and extra ion laser, by any chance, too?
Thanks so much, regardless, and in advance!

Gamer tag: NotQuantumAim
A non elemental one please, or if that’s not possible then a electric one. Annointed Fl4k. Please, thanks.

Ican use an ion cannon that shoots 2 rounds any exept electrical. Jesters grin xbox