Ion laser: 3 elements in 1 click?

I might have missed it but I havn’t seen much talk about this lasersploder-on-steroids, from what I felt this thing outdmg kyb’s worth?

or maybe I got lucky with anointment but you can literally have shock+fire+corrosive dmg ticking at same time, anyways main ingredients:

talents: Forge, MoD, Vampyr, and all the other important ones you usually would pick xD
went with BM based talents because this weapon does more dmg (up to ~350% i think) the longer it is fired, however it does get a lil irritating when the barrel starts doing rock’n roll after like 10 secs of continuous charging

using just this weapon u can solo both SS and MT on M4, and kill bosses like Jackbot… in ONE click! It’s like one shotting a boss, except spread over 2 mins :D, did have to resort to glitching a bit on Wotan tho, aka after you let go of trigger, if you quickly clicks LMB 2 or 3 times you can release 2 or 3 additional waves of explosive pellets.
video proofz!

on a side note this dlc was nice in the sense that it added at least 3.5 great weapons for BM specs: Ion Laser/Cannon, Lucky 7, and the 0.5 is… Autoaimé xD, and 1 good class com

2 or 3 :smiley:

Anyways yeah I have a whole set of ION Lasers on one of my Moze I like them a lot.

ok so im slow :D, but I try to stop at 3 because sometime this glitch bugs out and you dont get any orbs on the next trigger release

lol I don’t actually use the glitch in play. I was just messing around for this shot and I used my mouse to auto click.

You have to release the trigger for the pellets to recharge. If you click multiple times then hold, the pellets will not recharge. It’s the trade off to the super high damage. Great gun, they’re central to my Maliwan builds and I prefer them over the kybs.