ION Moze - M4 Build and Gameplay - Takedown / Slaughter

Thanks for this heads-up because I was actually spending time farming hoping for more in Click Click. That’s annoying. :smiley:

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I won’t promise it isn’t in it, but I’ve asked a loooot of people, made reddit posts and asked as well, and I farmed over 400 of them myself. Not a single +2 or +3 click click.

If you ever have one drop I would LOVE to know. But I have a pretty strong feeling it’s bugged.

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Was doing a little testing with this build and the Mind Sweeper COM on the dummy and damn does the micro grenade hit hard. I was seeing the grenade go off for about 1.4M which is way higher than my normal hits (my gear isn’t great). It does not seem like the grenade benefits from Click, Click at all (which I guess is expected)


That’s weird, it should do. The grenade is based on the crit damage that spawned it.

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Maybe but was just getting rolled into the 1M number that was popping up so I couldn’t see it. I’ll do a few more tests, wish it was easier to see the dmg numbers

The exact damage calculation can be seen here if you’re interested. But for 1m almost nothing will make a visible difference. You’d meed to get your damage upto 2m or more to see a difference. No amount of click click is likely to make that amount of difference.


Thanks for the explanation and the link!

Are you still using forge with this build?

Not sure if you already know but if your ion cannon has 34 mag size +2 redistribution seems to consistently refill the ammo with PtHP crits

Yeah I use forge. And I rarely throw nades with this build I don’t care for nade spam too much I try to avoid needing that playstyle if possible, which is plenty possible with ION’s focus on 1-shotting before taking any damage. I throw 1 nade if I need a heal (Epicenter) otherwise only if I happen to completely run out of rockets and finding myself waiting on regen I’ll throw one or two but that circumstance is rare.

Also none of my good ION’s get anywhere close to 34 mag except my shock one.

Now that I’ve been running with 1 in the mag for Click. Click as well, Forge is basically perfect timing to keep it there. (I do consistently aim for crits as well so I do get some from Redis) the combination has worked very well in pretty relaxed clears of SS now that I’m totally used to the pace of the build.

Trust me when I say there are many variations that work amazing for ION play on Moze. I’ve tried just about anything you can think of. This whole setup is just what I settled on because it’s most comfortable in how I like to play and with the specific gear I have.

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I’m so annoyed with my ion haha. I’m not making a build around it like this, I’m just having it as a ffyl tool and boss shield stripper. With 3 vladof weapons and 4/5 MS I get 32 mag. With 5/5 33 mag. 4/5 and 1 iron bank I get 34… But it’s the epitome of wasting a point just to have crit regen without forge. I don’t want a 4th vladof gun, ugh.

The highest ion mag is 20 right? There’s no 21 or 22?

Mine all have 8 - 12; trying a variation of this strictly for fun; might have to use terror to keep up regen on my mags though

  • im going to die, this much i know but i can afford it :stuck_out_tongue:

Definitely one of the best weapons in the game for that.

The highest I have is 18 so I’m not sure. It only gets to 36 with 40% bonus on my relic and 5/5(Match)(which I don’t use anymore) and 5/5 Iron Bank(which I do use).

Speaking of all this I need to update the build again because I’ve made more changes, such as ditching Auto Bear.

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8 tend to be too low but I find 10 to be a sweet spot if you have 5/5 Iron Bank and use a 40% passive. My primary cannon has a base of 12 and works quite well.

Terror ammo on transformer; with alot of changes tbh, its more relative to your zane dream build
@kabflash Im pretty sure i can call this “death comes close”
Com rolled earlier today with heavy damage and splash radius (+3 vamp +2 pthp)n i thought ; I’ve gotta try this; shall update with results

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The max mag size for it is 36, because there’s no reserve left. I’m ideally trying to get to the crit regen size of 34 without having mag size on my mod and 0/5 iron bank. I wish I had mag size on the mod I switched to. But I need this +3 Vampyr.

Our needs are totally different on the cannon though, mag size is king for me. I can’t find any info online about mag sizes for it.

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Honestly didn’t even realize that lol duh. Although I think it would be like 38 since I have another one at 16 that goes to 34.

Just so there’s no confusion. 40% mag size would be on Artifacts and 24% would come from a COM.

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Going to quote myself here instead of editing.

Because now that begs the question, does extending your mag past the max amount of ammo still affect it’s regen rate?

Haha yeah I didn’t think of it at first either. The heavy ammo sdu maxes at 36. I want to say forge will still regen faster if your mag size is larger, but you just won’t have any more ammo than that.

Yup, I switched my mod from one with the 24% bonus and now I have to spend extra 2 extra points in BM tree but save 3 in DW. Whoopie.

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I accidentally addressed that before reading your comment.

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If you need a relic with 40% i can send 1 (fleshmelter otto idol)

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