ION Moze - M4 Build and Gameplay - Takedown / Slaughter

That’s awesome. That’s what I need for my non-ion focused ion build.

I stupidly trashed it after getting a much higher damage one, not realizing it was very rare to see.

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Yeah if you’re building around an ion damage one shotting set up it’s easy to toss out.

But if you want to not worry about ammo, and using an ion cannon just to use against certain enemies and to get out of ffyl, the lower damage high mag is where it’s at.

Thanks for letting me know, now I have something to go farm for.

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Pretty sure this build is thrown out the window after the changes to the ion cannon as of now.

It’s actually better. If you’ve kept up with my revisions I’ve been running the build at 1 or so in the mag with a 0 backpack to abuse Click.Click. Literally not affected by the nerf one bit.

Also now we have this going on:

I’ve already done about 10 easy Takedowns with this build and a couple variations of it.


Thanks! I have been looking for a build that can do the Takedown without having M4 equipment to begin with.

Looking forward to trying this out.

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