Ions will move without firing on target

Wall of ion frigs, bandbox attack another wall of frigs, attack move them within weapons range, and they will just move first and not try to line up and fire as they move.

Ion frigs should always try to line up on target and fire first, and then keep firing on target as they are ordered to move.

I’ve noticed this for some time as well. They are not operating properly. Please look into this.

Is it race specific? I’ve been doing a play through of the remastered “classic” game for recording and have seen similar actions from various ships, especially if in a formation.

Sorry, yeah, I’m talking about Hiigaran specifically.

The following was on preview patch, but I think it is the same in version 2.1.

Theses two ions are targeting battlecruiser, but instead of firing, they are derped together in that position. They are moving along with the target battlecruiser. They were not in formation.

This is just a similar example to OP. Hiigaran ions frigates are off.


Another example.

You can’t see it in screenshots for some reason, but I targeted the ions on the carrier. While they move along with the target carrier, they do not maneuver to aim or fire, even the one that looks like it may be aiming in the carrier’s direction.