IRL alternative timeline

Just imagining this scenario:
Gearbox develops and completes Borderlands 3 on the old Unreal Engine. Because they already understand it and aren’t rushed to transfer development to a new engine halfway through, the game runs more or less like clockwork from launch. Some features are missing (?which), but others (e.g. split screen?) work properly. The game is a bit prettier than BL2 was, but less shiny than the version we know.
Gearbox develops a remaster for PS5/XboxX on the newer Unreal engine.
I’m not a dev. so how near the mark might I be?
Any thoughts on how things would have played out in terms of player satisfaction, replay value, endgame content differences…? You name it.
(p.s. apologies if this is an old idea…)

As someone whose played with unreal its not hard to import assets.

I dont understand the dx12 optimization crap… But i think a separate company should have a team to do that. Optimizing for consoles is a different story.
Still should be done by a diff team. Like ur quality assurance and publisher to make sure it works on consoles.

Scripts inventory systems etc. Things they might have to slightly redo.

Reassign custom particle effects.

But the whole game and all its assets shouldcbe easy to import.

Why do you guys invent theorys for this game not being better and lack of communication with the player base.

I am a name (Tufty), not a number (“you guys”)!
Thanks for responding. X