Iron/Auto Bear and Annointed drop ideas

Poll 1: This was one of the first things I heard a streamer mention, and I’m pretty sure many other Moze players probably lean toward the latter option. I rarely see anyone mention that they actively use Iron Bear to kill adds. Lately, I intentionally jump out of IB with its back towards the adds, so there’s something between me and their bullets, plus Moze is pretty much a sitting duck for the second or two she ejects from her bear. What about adding a toggle to the skill tree that allows players to choose if they want IB/AB to spawn in the mech, or as a companion if they invested the skill point in the blue tree?

  • Leave Iron/Auto Bear as is?
  • Spawn Auto Bear as a companion via a toggle in the skill tree if you spent the 1 point, if the player choose so?

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Build diversity, in my opinion, only grows as it gives players more options not just from a skill stand point, but also from a weapon and gear perspective, since they can choose to use different annointments depending on if they’re using Iron Bear, or Auto Bear as a companion. Players can also still invest into Auto Bear for one point and not toggle the companion if that’s their preferred play style, and/or they have other annointments that proc off of exiting IB.

Poll 2: Many players at this point get garbage drops for the most part from any end-game activity, unless it’s annointed (still sometimes garbage if the annointment sucks). Is there anyway to add an option to the various Circles of Slaughter that makes all legendary drops annointed, for a “down payment”? This “buff” would last until the player completes CoS, or the game is reset. If you finish all 5 rounds and want to have all legendaries be annointed again, you pay at the start of round 1. If the player dies at any point of CoS, but wants to continue since they already paid, the buff continues. Once the game is restarted/reset, you pay again if you so choose.

  • Leave CoS as is?
  • Give CoS “emcees” an option to pay them for any legendary drop to be annointed, and reset payment with above conditions?

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As far as I know, there’s no way to “cheat” the money back to your character once you pay. CoS emcee takes your money, done. You die and continue, more money lost. You complete CoS with(out) dying, you already paid and the player may choose to pay again.

P.S. - I don’t know how to make it choose one option per poll, so please just select one each.

@Gearbox thoughts?

Spawning auto bear directly would defeat the purpose in my eyes. She’s different from past gunners because she doesn’t just spawn a turret - this would turn her into literally the least unique VH of the game.

As for the anointment poll, I think if I’m going to invest in higher chances for anything I would want it to be selectable. Legendaries are cool but so are a bunch of other guns - why restrict it to anointments specifically for legendaries? What if I want a higher chance at alien barrel guns… Or anointed epics because legendaries can be restrictive in their applications? I’m not saying you have a bad idea, it’s just not broad enough to garner my support. Also I’d rather it cost eridium personally.

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The toggle would be an option. If you don’t want AB to spawn as a companion and you still spent the skill point, you can keep the toggle off if that’s how you prefer to play, and/or have complimenting annointments. I, personally, hate feeling like a sitting duck every time I activate IB/AB just so I can trigger an annointment or two from using AB.

Fair point for annointments. How about a tiered payment system for the loot rarity level that you wish to apply the annointment buff to? The rarer the loot, the more it costs to activate, with the same above reset conditions? Eridium could also be an additional form of payment - pay the emcee with either cash or eridium depending on your character’s economy.

I’m only level 16 with my moze, so I have to ask… Would spending a single point in the bubble shield not last long enough for you to enter/exit safely? If it fails that bad what we need isn’t a toggle but a buff to the skill - you shouldn’t feel penalized for using the action skill as intended. Not to mention spawning AB directly would prevent players from activating skills like some for the road - and then we’d hear requests for the skill to change for their accommodation as well. I’m all for more options, toggling seasonal content - toggling guardian rank perks by character - I definitely want to feel a greater sense of control over my choices… But this idea just seems like a slippery slope and as aforementioned ruins her uniqueness.

It’s definitely more appealing that way, just not sure how it could be implemented and what all categories should be available. Should players get to choose a manufacturer they find more drops from? What about gear type? Could multiple modifiers be selected? Where would the line be drawn - and who decides the value of the tiers? Just because I think there’s too large a focus on legendaries doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have limits…

I don’t mind either of these suggestions. I feel like it would be cool to be able to just summon up Auto Bear, it would need restrictions but, could be neat. The second one, is just meh to me, I don’t mind how drops are now I feel like I get more then plenty, but I’m not against more or better loot.

BUT - You are invulnerable both while getting in and out of IB, so I fail to see the “sitting duck” part.

I do have the bubble for AB, and always chuck a grenade as soon as j exit jus in hope of not dying and immediately begin health regen via Vampyr. Even still, if I eject in a bad area, or a hail of bullets is headed for me, I’m FFYL before I have a chance to fight back. I don’t use Some for the Road, so I don’t know how it would effect her skill tree(s) in the grand scheme. If you choose to spawn/eject from IB, maybe that’s part of the decision/skill building process. Remember this is just a toggle option, every player gets to choose.

As far as manufacturer options for CoS annointments, I think that’s a bit much. I’m pretty sure they mentioned they are working on implementing targeted loot farming, so I think loot rarity should be the only selectable option. The lesser the chosen rarity, the more drops most likely you’ll see during your CoS run. The higher the rarity, the less likely they’ll drop, but they’ll all be annointed. I just assume this is how loot drops normally in CoS since I typically see so many blues and purples on the ground, while still hearing a fair share of legendary pings. It may seem like a lot of legendaries on the ground due to the stars on the mini-map, but I also ignore any blues and/or purples pretty much at this point - and I don’t have near good/perfect annointments for some/most of my gear.

I’ve had a small handful of instances where I die after taking a couple steps upon exiting IB. It’s not often, but has occurred. A toggle seems like a good choice to me for two reasons. One, it gives players the option to choose how they wish to use IB/AB (and build/play how they like). Two, I think Moze is the only VH with a start/exit animation to her skill. Zane skills, all at the press of a button. Fl4k skills - pet charges, and I’m unfamiliar with Fade Away and his other skill (but they seem like Zane’s I’m guessing). Amara skills, phaseslam/punch/grasp are all instant-cast I’m pretty sure (I haven’t played Amara at all, I’ve just seen other streamers use her).

Like I said, I typically try to find a safe area where AB has good site lines, since he doesn’t walk for whatever reason even though he’s automatic, and I have a “wall” between myself and the enemy bullets.

Just so you know AB will shoot through objects, which may be why I experience less trouble with that. I tend to avoid bloodletter/deathless/vampyr builds and rely soley on SOR tree (therefore a big reliance on autobear shield recharge and I abuse the hell out of that immunity).
I’m not against being able to just summon up AB as I mentioned(I voted for it), but it would probably need some restrictions like related to cooldown because if I could just bring him up as often as I can currently I see that being quite overpowered.

A couple of my annointments reduce IB cooldown by 30% on kill. Between the refunded cooldown time from exiting IB and reduced cooldown from annointments, my IB/AB is almost always available, or a very short cooldown. I can use IB nearly all the time, but if I’m being shot at from 7 different sides, it’s typically not safe to jump out from my experience. I literally ONLY use IB at the beginning of each CoS wave just to trigger my annointment(s) since the arena is clear - I’ve VERY VERY RARELY used it on the verge of death, and then I just try to move a short distance with my back towards the enemies before ejecting. After i jump out, my sole focus is on enemy location and my grenade count, so I can keep chucking (BBB shield) and still have plenty in reserve in case I go FFYL.

You said AB can shoot through objects - can it actually shoot through boxes/crates/walls if it knows there are enemies hiding within range but not within LOS, and they take damage? News to me if so. Like the big walls in the starting garage of CoV CoS, I try to make sure it can see the arena, rather than it staring at a wall, but if it can target, shoot, and damage regardless of LOS, that’s pretty cool.

In SS I regularly put it behind the crates and in the corners of the arena and he shoots right through everything. I always use it as an oh ■■■■. I don’t take any cooldown skills, I just get in/exit immediately which makes my shields start recharging(and almost fully refunds the cooldown). Most of the time, he’s ready again before Auto Bear expires. If I’m about to die, it saves my ass constantly. When I get out, I do immediately run away from him (he draws aggro). That may be where you falter by throwing nades right away, losing mobility, staying in the danger zone. I can’t think of a time getting in him put me in danger, rather then saving my butt. I also use him to absorb big hits if I know they are incoming.

Him shooting through things may depend on the skills used. I normally use Capacative Armature and the corrosive stickies I forget the name.

I have no objection to people using auto bear as a turret, so a toggle on how he is deployed seems fine. Build diversity is the spice of life after all. However I really do want to see Gearbox improve the effectiveness of actually driving the thing.

I am currently keeping two different legendary class mods on me. One for turret mode and another for driving, it always nice to have options.

As for your second question, I find it much easier to get anointed weapons instead of class mods and artifacts. As such I would rather there be a way to focus on those, but I see no reason why your suggestion cannot be implemented.

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As soon as I exit IB, I start moving, jumping, and throwing a grenade or two to start any health regen I can, in case I take damage quickly (maybe it’s the “low mobility” like you mentioned, I DEFINITELY don’t stand in one place upon exiting though).

@Cerberus108 I feel like CoS’s should be more general loot, in my opinion, especially since I think they are trying to implement targeted loot farming eventually. Looking for a Lyuda, go farm Katagawa Jr. Looking for a Back Ham shield, go farm The Rampager. I feel if they didn’t want us to go to various areas in the game for specific loot (evetually), they could just add a targeted loot option to any CoS and call it a done deal. Above farms were just examples by the way. As of now, all CoS’s are a free-for-all of world drops, which is OK in my opinion, but an added option for annointed loot could make our time and “money/eridium” more well spent. If you want to target a specific gun/gear drop, hopefully we can go to a certain boss/area soon and have an increased drop chance (or pay/play the odds in CoS for a guaranteed annointed drop).

Yea I didn’t figure you stood still just meant the lowered move speed while throwin nades.

Not really, what I do want is being able to actually last a while and kill enemies with IB. For a skill with such a long cooldown, the idea is that is that IB should be the only thing standing in the battlefield as the duration ends, or at least the badasses and most troublesome enemies dead.

Just make it scale with Mayhem or something like that.

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they just need to increase it’s hp and damage a bit. other then that having an option to use it as a pet seems a bit op, even more so if you were to be using a grenade build.

I’d just like it changed if you put a skill in Auto-Bear you can hold onto the button. Holding the button will make him throw out like a turret but pressing the button would hop in just like it does now.

As it is I just don’t even deal with the whole hop in/hop out mechanic which leaves most of the Annointed gear I have for Moze just useless.