Iron Bear Anointments not working

I’ve been noticing some iron bear bugs not working consistently or not working at all. I have not been able to get a few of the damage “while iron bear is active” anointments to work. Also the grenade anointment for chance to spawn a grenade seems to only work the first time per zone. I added a video below.

Grenade Mod Bug

Has anyone else had any issues with Iron Bear anointments or anointments in general for Moze. I also think MOD and vampyr has been turning off if I go into iron bear and come out.


I just got the grenade one for Iron Bear and my initial excitement turned to despair when I realized its bugged and only works first time you get in IB after equipping it. To get it to work again you need to unequip then equip it again before getting inIB each time

Way to go gearbox…


We should work together to get the dev’s attention on this . I know we are the few who even tried this annointment but I love the idea of IB using mozes grenades. I cant believe GBX screwed even this up so badly. Zero quality control or testing

I’ll submit a 2k help desk ticket so people who dont even know what this game is will respond with a canned generic message , but better than nothing

Ps I have another thread on this annointment as well


Wow, that annointment is god tier… I’ve never even seen that annointment at all is it new?

Not really but sort of new. The ib anoint 120% splash damage is bugged tooo. It adds about 25% extra shields as well lol, it’s so crazy awesome.

I do have a support ticket with a video upload. Maybe the next full patch will have a fix.


Has here been any update to this bug getting fixed? just found a grenade with this mod. Would be great if it worked.

And is this bug on all platforms?

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Bug still exists. I basically just switch between two grenades with this anointment between Bear rides. It’s not perfect, but it’s so much my favorite anointment. So I do it.


Thanks for the info. I might do the same. Just need to find another good Grenade with this anoint.

I find some really decent ones in vendors. A lot of legendaries don’t really have what it takes to be a great Bear grenade.

I’m mad. I farmed a Fungus Among Us with this only to find out it’s absolutely horrible :frowning:


That’s because they have to be a cloning maddening tracker :sweat_smile::thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

when that bug gets fixed, I’m pulling this puppy back out…