Iron Bear - Buff DMG, Increase CD

It really is just that simple. Make Iron Bear as powerful as a mech should rightfully be, basically an indestructible, unstoppable death machine, and greatly increase the cooldown. Make it a rewarding button to press, a button you press when you really want to show whatever you’re fighting wtf time it is instead of what it is now–completely worthless.

I would much rather only get to use Iron Bear every 10 minutes and love every second of scorched earth insanity versus not using Iron Bear at all because it’s nothing more than a wasted GCD.

As an addendum, you could rework the IB tree to lower cooldown/increase uptime while also decreasing power(not so much survival though), so people that want to be in iron bear a lot can do so without it being OP while those that want to run and gun as moze still have an action skill they can press which actually has an impact on game-play.

I’d rather Iron Bear be useless becuase it makes not putting points into making it stronger an easy decision.

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Some of us picked Moze because we actually cared about the mech and wanted to, you know, use it. Also, them making it useful doesn’t, in any way whatsoever, detract from your ability to “not points into making it stronger”. You personally can just ignore it as you do now while those of us that want to use it get to do so in a meaningful way.


Take a breathe… I was just messing with you. People take this game away to seriously.

Do “people take this game away to seriously”? Hmmm. Based on your six thousand posts read on this forum I think it’s pretty clear which of us takes this game more seriously than the other. I assume that’s what you meant, taking the game seriously, not physically taking the game away from others and bringing it to a person/location called ‘seriously’.

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Just get it all out…I can send you pillow to cry into if you need one. :sunglasses:

I posted a harmless comment…you need to relax. No need to get personal.

And I posted a harmless reply, at which point you got personal, nice try though? It’s kind of weird watching you accuse me of getting personal, while you keep referencing my supposed emotional state as well as accusing me of taking this game too seriously while you have invested more time on the forums for the game in question than I have playing the entire franchise.

You posted something I found to be totally nonsensical, I posted a rebuttal, and you had an emo breakdown. If you can’t handle opposing viewpoints and general discourse then maybe you shouldn’t spend 18 hours a day on a forum? Also, you should give up while you’re behind, it doesn’t get any better from here.


lmao xd, i’m with you though IB needs to be fixed.

Either as a separate spawn from moze to bypass the ‘unable to spawn’ issue due to space or they need to decrease the animation of getting into the mech.

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I do admit…I’m trolling you right now. Let’s see how long this lasts.

I think the first clue was when I said I was just messing with you. But to be fair your last paragraph did give a choice between Iron bear being used once every 10 minutes or not at all…sorry if you didnt like my answer.

Wait, so when does the trolling start? So far I’ve only seen you illustrate you’re barely able to assemble a coherent thought and that your only connection to society are these forums–interestingly you think there would be some overlap there. Like, if I did nothing but build houses out of playing cards all day every day you’d think I’d be good at building cards out of playing cards, but your communication skills are at a fifth grade level.

It’s not that I didn’t like your answer, it’s that your answer didn’t make any sense, which you of course didn’t realize at the time because you have some kind of learning disorder. Once I spoon-fed that reality to you, you then got extremely defensive. Again, if you can’t handle discourse, a forum isn’t the place for you. I mean, you posted a comment, I replied to your comment, and you lost your god damned mind–that’s weird, that’s a weird response. How do you feel this is going for you? Well? I’m not sure it’s going that well.

The whole thing is pointless, the animation sucks running around is cluncky as hell. Get rid off it!

Latter billy… You choose the latter. Here’s the thing… Your “choice” is not impacted by my suggestion in any way, the fact I now have to explain this to you a second time is concerning. If you choose not to push a button, why would you even bother providing input as to what that button, which you will not be pushing, does?

Also, how would a button that does something useful every ten minutes be more useless than a button that does nothing, ever? I mean, I think you’re dumb, I’ve made that clear–but you can’t be that dumb.

I think the fact it took you ten minutes to produce this drivel is what’s actually hilarious. Are you ESL or did you drop out in middle school or what’s the deal here? I genuinely want to know.

(Why are you doing this to yourself)

Woah woah, please specify how exactly I blew it out of proportion, I’m excited for this. You made a post, I disagreed with your post, then you, not me, but you, commented about how seriously I take the game and how emotionally distraught I was, woops? This is the second time you’ve done this, gone around in a circle and accused me of doing what you yourself are actually guilty of. As for being stupid, I mean come on guy… You really thought later and latter were the same word?

Also, and now this is really getting fun, your argument against buffing IB is that players would then have to choose between speccing into it or something else? As in the tree would actually be a viable choice? Oh NO!!! That would be terrible! Every developers nightmare would be for you to actually have multiple choices instead of one defacto spec, almost like the class was balanced or something?!! You make a great point, that would be a nightmare. How can I think you’re anything but dumb when you say things like that, I mean come on.

So having a worthless action skill makes not investing points in it an easier decision.

Now if Iron bear was actually good then I would have a choice to make about how I allocate my points.

Quoted for just how amazing this is, may it live forever as the worst argument against a game-change ever. Thank you for this gift, I will cherish it always.


Oh, so you can’t specify? Wow, what a surprise. And yes, all seventeen times you said “it was a harmless comment”, I pointed out that I made a harmless reply. GG, thanks for playing.

My enjoyment level steadily increased throughout the exchanges and peaked when you made the comment regarding balance being bad, and now that you’ve given up it’s slowly ebbing back toward normalcy.

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That’s all that matters… I’m finished. I will delete all my comments since it doesnt add anything for the topic.

I’m so sorry to say this man… but ot all the terrible, horrible ideas thrown on here every day, this has to be the absolute worst.

10 minute cooldown ?? Is this a joke ? What on earth could justify a cooldown that long ? Hell what could justify the current 2 minute one?? Correct me if I’m wrong but isnt IBs 2 minute cooldown already the longest of any skill in all BL games to date ? Its plenty long as it is. Action skills are meant to be used regularly and be a big part of your gameplay and build .

Why do people overthink IB buffs so much ? It’s so freaking simple : hes perfectly fine in Normal, in TVHM have a 1.5x base multiplier to his armor and damage , and in Mayhem 1-3 increase that multiplier for each level, ie mayhem 3 would be a 5x multiplier .

I dont know what iron bear you’ve been using but I smoke entire rooms of enemies using my dual rocket pods on normal and tvhm. Hes a powerhouse and apparently from what I’ve seen his armor scales off of Mozes max health , so it’s not a static number you have no control over.

I do think his rocket pods are way stronger than all his other weapons. Grenades are close, and I’m not sure if that’s because I’m specced heavily into demolition woman tree. Sure most skills seem to affect only moze , but fire in the skag den also says just moze but guess what? My IB splash damage aure as hell sets enemies on fire as soon as I specced into it, making me wonder what else applies to IB as well we dont know about?

I don’t know, sure IB is utterly useless in Mayhme mode but then I see people say he is useless in Normal and TVHM ? What game are you playing exactly ? Unless my game is severely bugged I ANNIHILATE entire rooms and even badass enemies with IB

A longer cooldown though? No… just no. For the love of god please no. I love using IB… my cooldown so far on it is 37 seconds. I love it to death . Just needs a major buff for MAYHEM modes , and its other weapons besides rocket pods need to be buffed to match the rocket pods , but that’s it really .

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It’s hyperbole, it doesn’t actually have to be ten minutes specifically. A few things you seemly chose to ignore, only to yourself reference later in your very own post: there is a lot of stuff that allows you to lower the cooldown and increase the duration of this action skill. Presently, with the right spec and gear, I can be inside IB far more than I’m outside of it.

Secondly, and this seems like common sense, to increase the power of Iron Bear you have to decrease its uptime, therefore not impacting the classes overall throughput. It can’t do more damage than Moze (which it absolutely should), if Moze can use it almost constantly (which presently, she absolutely can).

And comparing it to other action skills, especially the way it should be, in regard to it’s cooldown, is completely unrealistic. A magical arm that can pick up enemies for a while, versus a giant fighting robot that launches nuclear warheads.

And yeah, nobody is talking about IB while leveling, why would you assume that was the case here? On mayhem 3 with solid gear, Maze does considerably more damage outside of Iron Bear than inside, and Iron bear can be literally, not figuratively, one-shotted. That’s… that’s not strong, that’s not good, that’s not even functional. You yourself say it needs to be buffed for mayhem, but suggest no method whatsoever on how that would be implemented. Please, explain how you make Iron Bear stronger and more survivable than Moze, on almost no cooldown, and call that balanced? Everyone would simply go from not using IB, to only using IB, all you’ve done is swing the problem in the opposite direction.

Correct me if I’m wrong but isnt IBs 2 minute cooldown already the longest of any skill in all BL games to date ? Its plenty long as it is.

my cooldown so far on it is 37 seconds.

Both of these things were posted by the same person in the same post, and that’s pretty neat.

How did I offer no suggestion on how to buff iron Bear for mayhem mode ? I said just use a base multiplier to his damage and armor in those modes, so he does more damage and takes more damage, and refine it so he feels as strong as he does in normal mode for example. I dont think that’s very hard to do:

If he takes 10 seconds to destroy a skag in normal mode using x weapon , then he should take the same amount of time to do so in Mayhem mode. Unlike moze IB is a static action skill, there aren’t s ton of variables . He should always be as strong as he is in normal mode as he is in Mayhem 3, and vice versa . If he was taking 10 seconds to kill that skag in normal mode then I imagine it’s a simple matter of figuring out what multiplier to apply to his base damage in mayhem mode to get the same result. Same with how much damage he takes etc

It’s really simple to be honest. If IB is by your account too totally fine while you are leveling up then there is no reason you csnt replicate his exact dps and armor for mayhem mode. With just a little testing a base multiplier will work just perfect

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I actually already explained this to you but I’ll do it again as this situation is fairly typical. If Iron Bear has nearly 100% uptime and is both offensively and defensively superior to Moze, then there is no reason to play any spec BESIDES IB. That is what people refer to as unbalanced, unbalanced is bad. Right now Moze is unbalanced because in Mayhem, IB is useless, and in normal, IB trivializes the entire games content.

Very simply put, Iron Bear is overtuned in one mode and horrifically undertuned in another.

Your “suggestion” is simply to make Iron Bear overpowered. That’s not a suggestion, that’s nothing. I could say “Hey Gearbox, just make Ironbear 1 shot everything, give it immunity to all damage, allow him to fly, and ignore object collision so it can move through walls”. That would certainly resolve any issues the action skill is having in Mayhem, and yet, not a suggestion, because it’s nonsensical, it does absolutely nothing to achieve the actual goal–balance.

It’s not “Make it stronger”, its how do you make it stronger, what do you change so that players can choose between speccing into IB or ignoring IB and still have a similar game experience. You’re welcome.