Iron bear cooldown question

I been working with a hybrid iron bear build fully specced into grizzled and I have topped off. I can solo m4 takedown pretty easily so I wanted to try to refine it for true takedown but I ran into a problem:

Sometimes IB literally comes back in mere seconds even if he was prematurely destroyed. Other times it feels like a minute even when I hop out at 50% fuel.

The cooldown is super inconsistent when and i think it changes when I save quit.

Was wondering if there is any known information about this and is it a glitch and if so is there a fix.

Topped Off bug.

More info:

  • Topped Off is the Guardian perk that increases Cooldown Rate while shields are full.
  • To prevent it you can turn the perk off (since last update) before respec, equip a rough rider before respec, or quit to main menu and reload after respec.
  • You can respec multiple times to stack it a bunch and have an instant Cooldown.
  • It’s a bug, and not a legitimate interaction so keep that in mind if you’re ever talking about builds or helping someone.

Wow that was fast. That’s exactly what I was worrying about too was it was a glitch.

I do fine without it but IB cooldown is gruelling might have to sink some points into explosive punctuation

I’d read the link I sent, it’s the guide on CDR for Moze.

Tldr: EP is bad, Grizzled is good. Shield recharge rate is MVP for cooldown. For further CDR increase use a shield with 30% cooldown on kill anointment, and get a class mod or artifact with CDR on it.

Furthermore, it’s best to use Dead Lines and exit before half fuel consumption if you plan on piloting IB.