Iron Bear feels so flippn good!

'Nough said. It feels and reminds me of like games where you had a “rage” mode.


i agree. so many of her builds are now viable. not just mind sweeper.


Well I’d say now she finally delivers on what they promised us in the first place:

even on the “Iron Bears sentry mode lets me catch up on sleep” part.


That’s the trailer that sold me on to Moze. Now, 9 months later it’s still my go-to character. Been a hell of a bumpy ride so far, but what a ride it’s been.


levelin moze right now and it has been blast

Wish that IB would kill himself with only one or two granades… feels more like a pain sometimes. Enemies literally cant kill him on M10, but he oneshots himself in a range about 10m.

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Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
The game starts to feel good again. Everything is killable with more legendaries in M10, and iron bear can destroy everything as he was meant to do, too.

While he feels amazing, there’s always the pick with the self damage. While it sure sucks not to be able to go bananas at close range, it gives somewhat of a challenge so youre not a literal walking god. You still have to mind distances.

Personally, i use rocket pods in one arm to deal the big damage at distances, and on the other i have a nuke, to wipe out anything harassing my feet at close range, since it deals no self damage. (and when the 4th free bullet procs in the nuke? thats just hilarious)

GeeBee, my dear, devs of my heart, fi youre reading this, THANK YOU for iron bear’s fixes. We dodged an endgame sabre turret situation there.