Iron Bear Fist - M3

Does it benefit from melee stats. I read that Planetoid relic is multiplicative elemental, very interesting.

Any way to make Bear Fist usable on Mayhem 3 ?

Have an Anointed Cryo grenade that launches while piloting the Bear, but it doesn’t seem to freeze anything to get the melee boost

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This has been something on my list of things to figure out too (do Iron Bear’s fists get melee damage boosts). If I figure it out before someone in the know posts here, I’ll let you know.

Bear FIst is in a weird spot. I thought it would count melee…but after getting bonuses to melee damage through weapons, shields, etc there is no change.

The only ability that worked with IB for me is Stoke the Embers. Fire in the Skag Den didnt work for me when using Wild Swing(which it basically is doing splash damage).

Yeah I definately feel like Bear Fist got shafted because all of the IB abilities affect every weapon but the Bear Fists.