Iron Bear Fixes When?

I have been patiently waiting for my 100$ purchase to be worth seeing through to fruition, just was hoping for a dev update on when we can expect this update to drop and has internal testing verified the scaling issues are corrected? Does it need more time in the oven? Im trying to patient but im feeling like justification for a refund here might be valid considering how the character was advertised vs how it actually plays, my friends have all moved on so even if you do fix it im likely going to have to play alone or with randoms…

Pretty sure its going to happen when the next paid dlc comes, its looks like it at least, i have no idea when its going to release tho.

And i hope im wrong because if this is the case its a direct insult to all of us.

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Most likely on the 21st when the larger patch comes out. Most of the issues the pets face are coding related, not simple numerical toggles, like extra health. They also have to do at least some limited testing to see if the changes they made are safe.

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I am nearing the point of considering this game trash. I have a 50/50 chance of my ulti auto closing the second I enter my bear and couch coop is trash. With all the lagging any time anyone enters a menu. Now also not being able to mark items as trash outside the shop its ridiculous. Today I foind an annointed one that enters its immunity ability every time you shoot it once.

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Curious, are you spec’ed into deadlines or explosive punctuation? i never had any problems with IB throwing me out the soon as i entered it until i invested in those skills. i feel that explosive punctuation might be the issue here. perhaps if you deal splash damage at the same time as you enter IB, something is messing up the cooldown. if you have either of those skills, or both. try without them a bit and see if it solves the issue?

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Ohhhh, that’s a good thought! I used Punctuation once upon a time because a % cooldown seemed better, but the math worked out to Grizzled giving me more bang for my buck.

As soon as I stopped using that skill, I stopped getting that forced ejection.

That said, I now know what I’m going to use on builds I actually want to hop in n out for autobear/anoints on >.>

Grizzled is great. I’m always torn on wether to go for Grizzled or Stainless (i never have points for both)

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Yeah, your comment just put it together that I stopped using Punctuation at the same time as a hotfix came around at the same time I stopped getting quick ejects. I probably misattributed it to the hotfix!

It’s kind of a junk skill anyways though… Moze’s trees are a bit of a mess, I fear for the day we go up to 60 or 70 and just… can’t get the massive gains other VHs do…

For sure. Moze would definitely lag behind compared to what opens up for the other VHs with a points increase unless they add new skills. If they add new skill tree in the future, moze might be the one that needs it most.

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my issue is more you cant play inside iron bear like advertised, I halted progress midway thru leveling so that my experience isn’t marred by this issue. I am patiently waiting for GB to fix the issues so I can continue my “solo” adventures at this point as my friends moved on.

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Legitimately, the only reason I keep playing as Moze is because, like Elli, I too am Thorny for Rockets.

If she weren’t the explosives gal, I’d probably have tried to get a refund upon the mech being so broken when entering upper mayhem.

PRIOR to that, the mech DOES work. It’s not as good as basic Moze, but it kills stuff in decent time, is damn tanky, etc etc. If you just want that mech fantasy in a looter shooter, it’s still out there… There better be some lovely buffs come the 21st, though.


agreed. it’s why i can’t give up on moze either. i’ve been using blast master for probably 90% of the play time, i don’t like bloodletter a whole lot and i’ve tried build around mind sweeper which is ok, but it’s not blast master. IB is decent when you use blast master, it’s still not enough but it’s decent for sure. i use lock and speedload or explosive bullets most of the time and the nuke when i get +70% elemental modifier. all 3 augments are buffed by blast master. lock and speedload is also another way for me to stock up on granades via MoD. he definitely need some love, i wish there was a annointment that increase iron bears damage while he’s active to make pilot buids and auto bear viable (rocketeer would’ve been great with this annointment too). to many skill end annointments in the game currently, moze have all of them.

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Every vault hunter has an action skill or two that are kinda duds when it comes to proccing those anointments, but they also have other options/strengths to go along with that (i.e. Gamma Burst has a long cooldown, but FL4K has an anoint for 65% rad while active, evens out).

Moze is just… awkward to use those with… Since Iron Bear is so jarring to instant eject with, it becomes this weird thing I don’t really want to have to even deal with.

Her “While auto bear is active” anoint for 20% incendiary isn’t awful? But we’re talking about a character for which reloading can be “just an option”. Why would I use that over a magazine anoint? If it gets buffed when they level out the anoints, I’d assume to 65% like FL4K’s if that doesn’t get buffed too, it should be fine.

I still wanna be a pilot though, dammit :frowning:

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Would you say grizzled is better than explosive punctuation?

I have not tested them against eachother so i could be wrong and it turns out 25% cooldown rate is better though i don’t think that is the case so yes, for mobbing i definitely believe grizzled is better plus, you can get a shield with 20% cooldown rate, cooldown rolls and topped off from guardian ranks. For spongebob single target encounters explosive punctuation would be better if there’s no adds to kill. We don’t have any thing like that yet. Grizzled also have the advantage of cutting of second while explosive punctuation is % added on to your other cooldown. Grizzled also a tier one skill that helps you futher down, while EP is already at the bottom.

Forgot to mention, it also depends on how you use IB. Do you use up the whole duration or exit early? Refunded cooldown for exit early + grizzled makes it come back real fast, but the longer the cooldown is the less value grizzled get due to diminishing returns. For me, for example i use IB differently depending on what activity i do. For Slaughter house i just jump in/out to trigger annointments and sone for the road and spam scourge/hive/vred. Few kills and IB is back up. I stay in IB longer vs weaker enemies, so cooldown is longer aswell and less likely to have topped off bonus active etc etc.

Yeah i’m not a fan of that annointment either… there’s just no point in using it currently. The only advantage it has over “x% with the next 2 mags” are that you can switch weapons and still maintain the annointment while mag based ones are gone when you switch. You’d also have to use rocketeer com instead and until they buff IBs damage, it’s not worth it imo. Then again, 20% extra to you while also having a auto bear active for 1min+ does sound good on paper. Still don’t think it beats mag ones or 120% splash ones

The guardian perk is such a massive increase in cooldown rate, you’re kinda never going to beat it… I’d take a guess at it being active for even 5 seconds beating out 100% uptime on punctuation, but that’s just a guess.

Grizzled has diminishing returns, but will always take 1 second off your cooldown. If you’re murdering enemies quickly, you’ll get iron bear back in a fairly short time. One kill per 4 seconds roughly translates to 25% cooldown rate, which isn’t asking much.

But Grizzled starts with a higher refund, equal to (n(n+1))/2 where n is the level of grizzled. So at level 5 that’s 15 total seconds off for 5 kills, at which point you refund 1 second per kill.

Explosive Punctuation reduces IB’s cooldown by, at most, 30s. (120*.25=30) Guardian ranks, other bonuses, etc reduces the effectiveness… Or, at least, it did in 2/TPS…

Anyways, you can logic this out to needing 20 kills within a minute and a half for grizzled to match, and that’s with Explosive Punctuation given its best scenario. Not asking much, honestly.

So Grizzled is likely to be better in nearly all situations, honestly… Early eject, additional cooldown from relic, class mod, guardian ranks, guardian perk, anoints, will only make grizzled an even better choice.