Iron Bear & FL4K's Pets

I’ve been going through the skill tree calculators, trying to figure out how this new (and exciting :grinning: ) skill system works. Most of the time skills are defined rigourously, with Duration and Cooldown given where appropriate. However, Iron Bear & FL4K’s pets are not so well defined.

As far as I can tell, Iron Bear survives until it runs out of “health” and/or fuel. Then there’s the traditional BL cooldown :slightly_smiling_face: But what uses fuel? From gameplay, using weapons tears through fuel. However, the fuel gauge sems to stop when Moze stops firing. So, is there always a small drain on fuel just by Iron Bear “existing”? Does moving cost fuel? If not, would it be possible to stomp around in Iron Bear inbetween fights, at no cost, ready for the next encounter?

As for FL4K’s pets, I’m totally confused! :smiley: There is no duration or cooldown given in their skill descriptions. So, if FL4K calls on a pet, does it last until it dies? If it does die, what’s the cooldown before it can be summoned again? If a pet dies, can you immediately “equip” another?

If I’ve missed the obvious, as I often do :slightly_smiling_face: , or you know how either of these things work, please let me know. Cheers.


Iron bear, as far as I can tell, slowly consumes fuel while in use. Additionally it uses more for firing (with the salamander addition seeming to practically drink the stuff) but you can delay the drain via skills.
Her health bar is a separate thing but it stands to reason Iron Bear would explode upon health running out (Similar to runners and technicals).

FL4K, however, has Fade Away, Gamma Burst and Rakk Attack as Action Skills. The pets are a complimentary thing that is ever present, unless I’m mistaken. How they react to being “killed” is an unknown, they may be teleported out, may need reviving, we don’t know but will probably find out at the gameplay reveal for FL4K.


I think I saw some skills in FL4K’s trees that give boosts on reviving pets.

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There’s a skill where the pet can revive FL4K but I’ve not seen any for reviving the pet.

Ah so you’re right, I got that mixed up then. There are a good number of references to pet health in the Master tree, I guess that means they won’t be invincible then.

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Pure speculation on my part, but I suspect it will behave just like Deathtrap: pet most likely can be destroyed, and afterwards just comes back ‘somehow’ (perhaps FL4K has New-U functionality built-in, being a robot/AI…).

We never questioned how Deathtrap comes back after being wiped out in combat, I’m sure we’ll figure something out for pets too. :slight_smile:

You can actually revive your pet when it is downed or dead via Gamma Burst action skill but it increases its cooldown by 100%. So, yeah, your pets can die and need to be revived. Without Gamma Burst I guess you have to manually revive it.


I’d say deathtrap is just pulled from a portable digistruct device gaige has on her. So when he goes down from damage its similar to how I can blow up the same runner from the catch a ride over and over again without pause.

For FL4K’s pets I’d think either the pet needs to be revived like an NPC when downed or they will just recover on their own after a set period of time.