Iron bear fuel damage is ridiculous

Is this really intended that I loose fuel in iron bear when recieving damage ? the cooldown is already almost 2 minutes that’s 200-300% more then the other classes and holds liek 10 seconds. Bypassing all damage isn’t worth anything when not even being able to kill a super badass, my amara one shots those in a save enviroment.

Outside of combat constant firing iron bear works for 20 seconds+ but in combat iron bear is done in about 10 seconds or less. I’m not alone with this I’ve watched several videos with the same effect.


You lose fuel when firing Iron Bear’s weapons. There’s a couple of skills right at the top of the Demolition Woman tree that offset this and the Cooldown.


Taking damage doesn’t use fuel, the fuel slowly drains over time and drains considerably when firing your weapons.

I do agree that the fuel drain is too fast currently, hopefully they buff Iron Bear fuel soon.


I actually do loose fuel (the bar in the lower center) when recieving hits and get dropped out of iron bear with the bar still at 3/4 or half full dropping immediately to empty. I’ve had several situations with stronger enemies pulling me out of iron bear in just 3 seconds because the enemy charged at me. For weapons I just use railgun and grenade launcher, without enemies I can shoot for 20 seconds or even more but try that in combat and you get dropped out in 10 seconds or lower.

Or maybe there’s another value somehwere I haven’t seen yet what affects fuel because otherwhise why there’s armor for iron bear when damage doesn’t affect iron bear, just look out for it I bet it does.

PS: to my first post not that people start to think I’m nuts for the one shot, I obviously tested this in a save enviroment. What means me lvl 30+ super bad ass lvl 10 so that I would not die from testing and loose money. They also do drop me out of iron bear in a matter of seconds without even firing a shot.


Do you know if taking the shield for iron bear affects fuel consumption?

I wouldn’t mind anything of it if the cooldown wouldn’t be so damn long


I agree … The cooldown is ridiculously long for him to be so weak … Almost to the point of being useless.


What skills are you taking down the tree? I’m still only level 10, but there seems to be quite a few buffs that can improve things there.

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I think you’re confusing fuel for armor.
Iron Bear is like a shield, once the capacity is gone so is the shield and all of its effects.
Corrosive attacks in particular kill my mech faster than anything else, most of which I can tank reliably. One of her trees is top-heavy with skills that increase fuel/armor, I’d invest points there if the mech is useless for you at the moment.


Im not against iron bear having HP bar but, seeing other classes with more, reliable skills, its unfair to moze that high lvl enemies can take you out with that ease just because you have health on the iron bear. Dont want to be inmortal but the health should be enough to withstand and tank enemies. In the end Im taking more atention to my health than my remaining skill bar.

This reminds when axton turret was take it down too quickly, maybe reduce the aggro should be a good idea. The iron bear is already big, less aggro would be not bad


problem of iron bear is that you are both limited by armor, fuel and ridiculous long cooldown… Everything is done to limit your time with iron bear, leading to invest something like 20 points just to improve all the draw backs. And fuel is both drained by time and use of weapons.

They could remove the armor, reduce the cooldown or make iron scale from gear (like getting extra armor from your max health/shield, or benefit from you equipped shield… anything that can help at higher level. It’s so frustrating to wait a long time to have iron bear just to loose it after a bunch of second.


I’ve been using IB like a safety button. Badass with a rocket launcher healthgates me(on that point, who decided every badass needs rockets?) hit the action skill button and shred that badass, leaving only the manageable enemies for moze to kill. I’ll typically get out of the mech at that point to cut out half of the cooldown time, though Auto-Bear would make that impossible


I’ve been using IB like a safety button.

This right here. I think this is how Moze was/is intended to play. At least in the early levels. The other 3 characters can be very aggressive in their playstyle and seemingly use their abilities pretty much all the time or wait a few seconds. With IB Moze I’m basically just killing everything normally and if I see 2-3 Badasses or guys with those big blue barrier shields then I hop into my IB and tear them a new one!
I’m 22-ish and have found Moze to be very easy to play even with such a long cooldown. I have no problems whatsoever.

It does suck when you are in a boss fight and really only get 1 ‘maybe’ 2 uses of IB in a boss fight where the other characters can really abuse their abilities multiple times throughout a boss fight but other than that I’m having a blast. I just think a lot of people are relying on IB too much and want to cheese their way through the game by staying in the mech all day haha


I’m up to level 30 now on Moze. On the early levels, Iron Bear is kinda lack luster. But once I put points into Deadlines and Stainless Steel Bear, my uptime with Iron Bear has been significantly increased. Add in the augment skills as you gain levels, and Iron Bear also becomes a significant damage dealer in its own right.

I do tend to use Iron Bear as an emergency “Oh %$#@!” button. However, once I’m riding in the mech seat, the tables are not just turned, but also the bear is figuratively flipping tables everywhere.


Had that tonight just as I got hit with a corrosive DoT. For a few seconds literally the only thing I could see was a massive green swirl on the ‘windshield’ so I just spun round shooting until it cleared. I was surprised how many Maliwan I took down while completely blind…


I don’t lose fuel while taking damage, only armor/health (lower left bar) as others have said. Some mobs can knock you out of Iron Bear pretty quickly, but I’ve only had “instantly” happen one time.
All that said, the build I use is mostly blue tree and unless I’m under heavy fire or fighting a boss with a bunch of health, I usually find myself having to exit so I can get through doorways. My build:

Action Skill: Double Vanquisher Rocket Pods, No Augments
Blue tree

  • Deadlines 4/3 (class mod +1)
  • Grizzled 5/5
  • Means of Destruction 3/3
  • Stainless Steel Bear 6/5 (class mod +1)
  • Auto Bear 1/1
  • Vampyr 3/5

Orange tree

  • Security Bear 1/1

Green tree

  • Dakka Bear 1/1 (if playing solo, skip it)

Edit: Oh and I have an ‘annointed gunner’ shotgun that gives +20% bonus incendiary damage while in Iron Bear.

I can’t echo this enough.

Summon IB when SHTF and you should push back any and all mobs. Like @SpiderTeo said, Deadlines and Stainless Steel Bear makes IB able to withstand so much punishment while you dish it out tenfold. I’d say about 90% of the time now I exit with close to 50% IB time left to shorten the cooldown because everything is dead.

Also, you don’t have to lose your mind in IB either, not saying that any one in here is, but I sure as hell do at times lol. You can still do everything Moze does: sprint, jump, melee, and most importantly still use cover. I learned early on that if you stand in the dead center of the action and hope to clear the mob, you’ll most likely end up disappointed. I’m ALWAYS moving in IB and I have little to no issues hopping out early with everything dead.

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The biggest issue I have with IB is sometimes I’ll jump in… and immediately be kicked out and the cooldown will start. I think it has to do with lower ceilings being in the way, which was one of my biggest fears. The whole “Not enough space” thing can get annoying when you’re in the middle of a firefight and you need IB for a quick escape.

With an epic Tank Girl COM and about 13 points into Demolition Woman for enhanced Time and Durability, IB is pretty tanky. I worry about UVHM mode though, where damage scaling would mean IB could be destroyed in less than a second.


I’m worried too. Iron Bear could get a different scaling depending of the difficulty. I didn’t find any gear that boost iron bear dmg or armor. Is there any class specific relics?

It’s an old problem that most game dev never fix : extra difficulties rely on gear bonus to carry you and push you over lvl 50 boundaries. But when something only scale off level, it become obsolete at some point.

But perhaps you have some legendary gear that buff iron bear?

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There are class mods that buff relevant IB skills (like Stainless Steel Bear). Haven’t personally spent long enough in the game to get a proper sense of all that is available yet though.