Iron bear fuel drain cap?

Does anyone know? I’m just curious Because I’m running a bear trooper com with 3 points into deadlines and cryo miniguns -120% fuel drain XD i thought maybe it would keep me in my mech 24 7 but anyway if it caps at a certain point I’d like to know so I’m not gimping myself

I am pretty sure that how the math works is that cryo guns use less fuel than base minigun, and then deadlines reduces the fuel use from that new value.

Therefore, you will always be using fuel when you fire.

Like 16 cut in half is 8 and then that cut in half is 4. Math is not really a strong point for me so I apologize if explanation is unclear.

No that’s fine dear ^^ that actually makes a lot of sense and i don’t know why i don’t think about it before ^^; honestly i was starting to think fuel worked like damage resistance in BL2 100% = 50? XD