Iron bear grenade slot

Moze needs an extra grenade slot for iron bear. That way outside of bear she can use the tracker grenade with +25 % damage on throw, which she absolutely needs in order to keep up with fl4k and amara and while in iron bear a 20% to activate on damage could be used.

Right now you can do this by switching back and forth between grenades manually, but that gets old. If this feature was added it would give moze just that little bit extra and I think it would be a really special, exclusive interaction for her character. Make it happen gearbox!

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It would make the 20% chance to spawn a grenade while in Iron Bear useless but, yeah I’d love to be able to throw grenades out of the Iron Bear.

It would also be nice if Iron Bears ground pound melee did some kind of knockback or somehow staggered enemies for a couple of seconds

What do you mean it would make it useless? Each grenade would function seperately. The 20% would be how the grenade in the iron bear slot would function. I’m not saying you could throw grenades yourself

Oh, sorry I totally misread your original comment. Yeah that would be cool to have a different grenade for Iron Bear

I like the idea very much.

It is manageable to manualy switch grenades, when you play solo, but when you play in group you can not stop fireing, because of greande switching. Game will not pause in group play. All other characters can throw grenades ongoing, when there action skill is active. But I guess that change is to much in game mechanics and UI.

But I guess it has a big change in balancing.

Following question:
When AutoBear is active is AutoBear throwing grenades and Moze is able to do it?

For balancing it must be prevented. Otherwise you can throw two different grenades at once.
The only thing I could imagine it will work that way is, when AutoBear is active all the time AB will throw a greande it will be decreased from your grenade pool, too.
So it can happen that you are very fast low in grenades. But moze has not so much heal skills. One important skill for healing is vampyr. When Moze is throwing a grenade she will heal 4% max health for each hittet enemy. (for each skill point / max 5).

So, it could be that you are out of grenades, when you need it for heal and maybe the grenade regeneration is not so fast as you need it.

You see, as much I think about it as more problems occur in my head. I am not conviced that this will be realized. But I like your idea.

I’m strictly talking about moze throwing her grenade when she is outside of iron bear and during iron bear youd have a grenade with the anointment " 20% chance to drop a grenade when iron bear is active"

The only problem with this idea is that youd have to have a grenade with the iron bear anointment on it. But gearbox could just up the spawn rate on that particular anointment. If anything it would just give moze players an item to grind.

I suppose a skill could be added that just made iron bear throw the grenade moze is carrying. That would work too

I have a Cloning Madding Tracker with this anointment and it is so good, for only one time in IB. After that, it is bugged and you have to reequip the grenade that it works again, for one time.

Mayber in Summer 2020 GB have fix this bug…

Yea they really need to fix that bug. In my opinion it’s a huge anointment that doest work. It takes iron bear to the level it should be but since they’ve yet to even mention this bug, I bet it never gets fixed lol

I was the first one on here to mention this bug well before the IB buffs so back then no one cared. It bothered me a lot until the new 25% on grenade throw annointment was added so ended up using that.

I was torn between that one and the IB grenade proc one but settled on the former.

I’d LOVE OPs idea