Iron Bear Health Scaling

Hey everyone, what would you all think about having Iron Bear scale off of Moze’s health and shields rather than just health?

I have been using the Mendel Multivitamin for Iron Bear’s Max Health, but I am kind of stuck using it because if I use any other shield it chunks Iron Bear’s Health. (I am aware of the anointment regarding health and shields, but it is clunky to use)

Moze often builds around shields, and this change seems like it could help Iron Bear tanking potential a lot. What are your thoughts?

Get a good artifact/Class mod with health. Since they added healing to Autobear and boosted his self shield to 50% of Armor it has given it a lot more sustain.

For best odds you want to stay mobile until the shield comes up. I’ve notced that even over 180k Health if you’re not mobile you’ll still get burned down fast.

There’s also some things that are nigh impossible to tank like 3 Badass Zealots with corrosive rockets firing from different directions Or 2 Bad Ass Frost Heavies.

However in general with a modest amount of health and explosive shots I can have Autp Bear out for 2 minutes tanking hits due to it’s own self sustain.

I do ackowledge the changes would be cool, however it would make a SoR build a must as you can get over 40k shields with a build like that.

I really like this idea. Scaling Iron Bear armour off both would make SOR a valid option for making Iron Bear tankier. It would also open up a variety of possible best shields for IB builds.

They’d probably have to reduce the multiplier to something like 4 x (health + shields)

My Moze uses health as a main layer of defense, and it works perfectly, im specced fully into iron bear and vampyr and i can make use of the health gate with ease, you can even go for SoR capstone and make it usefull if you have health. SoR tree is messed up and doesnt synergy with itself, but i encourage you to try non mainstream builds, they might surprise you, huge shields are overrated, mostly because without some kind of sustain you die anyways even if you reach 90k shields, and one shots exist too, so its (AGAIN, looking at you borderlands 2) better to use the health gate instead of high numbers in your shield. The only reason i see to avoid the use of the health gate is if you are going full desperate measures with deathless.