Iron Bear in Mayhem 10?!

Hey so Idk if im doing it right but my IB is doing nothing in Mayhem 10. Like literally poop damage :confused:
Anybody else or what?


yea, that’s what happens when they a x16 on mob hp/armor/shield yet don’t make IB’s dmg scale with mayhem lvl


It needs to maybe scale of off Mozes weapons or something :confused:

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Please Gearbox. For the love of God.
Please scale IronBear’s damage in all Mayhem level. (not only mayhem 10)
Moze is my main. I love IronBear build. (Raging Bear and Bear Trooper class mod)
If you don’t do this. I don’t want to play BL3 anymore.
For the love of God. Gearbox.
Thank you.


I used Vanquisher Rockets to kill Gigamind lol I dropped his shield off with a Hellshock and just stood toe to toe vamping up a storm - wasn’t fast tho

For the most part I use Railguns on auto bear to accompany my Hellshock if I’m taking a shield out and will switch to nukes/rocket/grenades on the next deploy depending on the situation…The Nukes are purely additive effect, applying small damage over time, Rockets hit those hard to aim at’s, Grenades knock enemies down.

IB is support in M10 not necessarily an attack tool

I get it. However to me I see IB as a sort of “rage” mode you know. Once you activate it, everything in front of you should drop. Right now it just feels sad.
And it isnt just IB, its pretty much any damaging Action Skill.


I use him as a place to retreat, like a third option if you don’t wanna FFYL in your current position. Also the invulnerability frames during AS activation and instant eject let you negate one big attack if you know it coming… things like Gravewards fire beam or that oncoming cov rocket you know is going to drop you.

I agree with “Rage mode” in my subconscious this was a hard-line but I tried man, Nov 19th I started and the community bois straight of the bat told me “Nay” so Ive persisted til now and sadly suppressed that original appeal of the Bear and just made it work how it actually works in game.

Thank you for mentioning “Rage Mode”
I can’t believe I adjusted myself so much just to remain a Bear Build.

Point; at the moment IB is somewhere to retreat, he is a last standing shield. There are many situations that I know when Moze is in over her head but low and behold I also know IB has greater sustain. I’ll hit the action skill, pump V-35 grenades to vamp up, fill Moze’s grenade pool and reposition. Many times the only reason I survived was because IB could encase Moze and keep him self alive until we had dash jumped to a better position.


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I guess you are right mate :sleepy: Im sure GBX will sort it out though. Thats why I love them as a developer!

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It would be prudent to assume GBX have an IB mainer in the studio but they won’t spill the beans on how Bear works. Whoever it is must be seeing what I’m seeing, that when you spec into Bear and Bottomless mags for a maximum Bear… Which should be viable… You turn into a non synergy build that has infinite ammo, grenades but relys on proper godroll weaponry to do damage. This build cannot crit huge so it should be able to tank. Bear can’t tank to the fullest, I lose him in the repositioning process sometimes and if you use him to attack the 245k health pool he has in combo with the Vamp off V-35 Lock and Speed Load is just short of the bar, Bear has no health gate - cov rockets can oneshot

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I appreciate your detailed post however the fact Iron Bear is nothing but a trash can that provides some sort of protection rather than fun gameplay is not tolerable considering the time (some) people wasted farming top notch gear specifically for Iron Bear based builds.

Let’s just use me as an example:

It took me WEEKS to farm my perfect Raging Bear class mod with splash damage bonus and 3 points in Stoke the Embers and 2 points in Stainless Steel Bear - WEEKS. When it finally dropped I literally screamed “GOD DROP!”

On top of that I farmed the best possible Deathless and built my skill trees COMPLETELY around Iron Bear damage.

This build no longer allows me to even tickle Captain Traunt on Mayhem 10.

MEANWHILE -and that’s where things get unacceptable- I found a Yellowcake rocket launcher today during my first event fight.

My first Yellowcake rocket launcher is a Mayhem 4 version. It allows me to MELT Captain Traunt on Mayhem 10 in seconds.

HOW is that fair? WEEKS of farming and building the perfect Iron Bear versus ONE day of casually trying the new event and the weapon completely destroys my entire build even though it’s not even a Mayhem 10 version.

If the developers don’t make action skills relevant QUICKLY I see no reason to even play the game anymore except for the DLCs.

Perhaps a 1000% buff to Raging Bear’s “maximum” damage output could somewhat fix Iron Bear. Considering how rare it drops and how long it takes to get a good roll on it that seems like a reasonable thing.

People that prefer to play Moze and only use Iron Bear to proc anointments and for i-frames would still have Blast Master and Green Monster as an alternative.

Even then the other vault hunter action skills would need fixes, too.

I’m pretty sleepy right now so excuse me if something seems a little harsh or not reasonable.


You use your IB as your sole source of attack… Yeah I hear you bro and thats what I was doing but to actually make it work… As I explained, I adjusted my initial desired play style totally and now realize it. IB can’t kill Bosses, Moze kills Bosses Bear is a summon.

Traditionally no summon is more powerful than the summoner but yes, some of us came into this believing we could be pure Mech - there is no gear for this as of current.

For the record I run a Trooper Com, +25% gun damage, splash damage, +31% Sniper damage… The elitist would scold me but Meh;

If I’m seen running this setup by GB and they say “Gee this guy never gave up or diverted did he, let’s revise the Bear!”

they should allow more stats to benefit IB, right now most of those new while action skills are active anointments don’t even work when you are in IB


There we’re hints of greatness in the Nova anoint but yeah… Bear needs gears like Shock Aura or Thorns damage to be found on weapon anoint, that apply to IB, so that the lower lvls of Mayhem provide a ladder rather than be totally deleted by an IB that is Mayhem 10 scaled in the skill tree.

Yeah, IB does very… very little damage in M10.

There is the same problem with my friend : he is playing an Amara melee build, but apparently melee isn’t scaled too. :o
I’m not expecting to roll on the enemies with IB, but please, scale it to do decent damage at least. I should be able to do decent damage against little enemies with my nuke. But IB can’t even do that.

I understand that it’s hard to balance properly an action skill that acts like a separate character. But please. Even if Moze on foot is stronger, IB should be able kill enemies.


Yeah melee has never scaled, sadly. Why you can actually do melee damage with a normal melee attack in normal M0, but try that at M4, or even just TVHM… Nope. I remember someone making a melee axton build back in the day, ha. Very difficult. Anyway.

Yeah, IB is useless as a damage source. I use it as a defense, near invulnerable mobility, and a way to proc MoD. That’s the end of it’s use, currently.

Edit: Also, the Consecutive Hits and 300% damage when enemies are above 90% HP annointments tend to do more damage than 125% n2m, and last longer than 160% splash for 18 seconds… A lot of the Moze community was already using CH with 1 point in FitSD… Which didn’t require Iron Bear.

I think there are now enough annointments that work without relying on AS, that it may just be the nail in the coffin for IB builds. At this point, I have zero reason to use IB unless I’m about to die or running away.

It is sad that IB or Melee ar enot scaled. I mean what is the point to give options if only one of them is playable ? I like IB however I had to switch upon a rifle spam build instead because IronBear is litteraly melting under the ennemy fire & its damages are ridiculousely low (mayhem 8).

I would like to point another point of view for Iron Bear. Every other Vault Hunter got an active skills that assist them.
Fl4K > Invisibility (for crit & survivability) / Rakt Bomb for damage / Gamma Burst (which is great for annointed Active Effect)
Zane > Drone (assist) / Shield (with many variations) / Clone (using your current equipped weapons)
Amara > Different phaseshift skills & elemental affinement to trap/lock/stun targets

All of thoses skills assist the player. However for Moze this is a whole different story.

You only have one option which is Iron Bear to be used as a mech. (I’m not counting the auto bear as an option since you have to put far too many point in a meh tree dedicated to Iron Bear to be able to get auto bear which is a skill, not even an active skill). So yeah you got invicibility when you get in or out of it (and again there is a problem with some Mayhem effect like “Floor is lava” since you will create a pool while doing the animation since you are not “moving” in an animation).

To me, IB should be at least scalled upon your current firearm to be able to use at least the “Active skill duration” annointement effect. Every other VH can except for her. It seems a little unfair.