Iron Bear is awesome , just needs 5 tiny tweaks that are no brainers

IB has been awesome since the major buff a few months ago and I’ve had dozens of hours in him so have a pretty solid feel for what he still needs, and it ain’t much :

  1. right arm not getting skill bonuses like scorching rpms. You can test this by firing both at same time using miniguns, right arm overheats slower and does less damage per shot . Fix so both arms get all bonuses

  2. specialist bear skill should give 25% more damage for IB regardless of what weapons you select. This promotes diversity of weapon load outs .

  3. Vampyre should heal same % as Moze and also ALL damage done by IB heals it ,not just splash. This is BADLY needed because you NEED the healing on M4 and this skill FORCES you to use only splash weapons. Not fair to non splash weapons

  4. damage buffs to all weapons that aren’t vanquisher pods or explosive miniguns . All weapons should be buffed up to those 2 at least. Nuke especially needs major help: more damage and much faster reload.

  5. if you purchase Auto Bear skill, you should also have ability to hold down action skill button to just SUMMON auto bear for entire duration rather than get it. Pressing button you pilot it like normal and 15 sec auto bear after getting out wont change

Optional request : allow IB to use mozes grenades . Grenade button not used in IB anyways.

Optional second request: reticles around enemies like during Fl4ks Fade Away. This is purely visual but helps locate enemies quicker while in IB, rather than having to look at minimap then find visually .

Honeslty that’s all he needs.


all i want is the autobear summon, k, thx, bye :smiley:

That’s fine but many of us actually enjoy piloting him so the other tweaks are needed


Pretty much agree with all of that. I would like to add that the Iron Bear stomp attack should do something more than what it does now. Maybe push enemies back or stagger them

Fix IB grenade anoint so that it still works more than 1-2 summons without having to into you equipment menu…

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I agree with all of that but I also think they should make anointments that affect iron bear’s damage (exp: after killing an enemy in iron bear, iron bear gets increased damage for a certain amount of time or while iron bear is active you deal additional 50% elemental damage)

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Agree with all of these. The whole thing with Vampyr and splash being the only sustain is kinda sucky. They could do interesting stuff with his dome shield and red tree upgrades, for instance, or just give healthsteal to all guns and call it a day.
And yeah, his guns are balanced so weird, man. I don’t get why some weapons are still left in the dust, the math isn’t very complicated, there’s like four global damage boosts and that’s it.

Extra request:

  • please fix the sound of the explosive minigun, it feels so unsatisfying to see it shoot with the gunfire sounding only randomly.

What if it triggered stomp relics? Would be an actual reason to equip those. Imagine firing homing missiles, fireballs, iceshards, acid waves with it…


That’s a pretty unique idea - I think that would be cool if Iron Bears stomp triggered slam relic effects

you could do a LOT with iron bear :smiley:
so many synergies in co-op could be possible, similar to gaige and DT
but it seems like they only thought about sit inside, survive cooldown, sit inside, survive…

RPMs only makes the left gun fire faster, everything else applies the same. Use Phalanx Doctrine / Drowning in Brass as an example instead

Forgot about the stomp!! I’d love for it to do radiation novas when you stomp or something like that…

I tried so hard with 2k support but they wanted videos, pics, documentation, urine samples etc I just gave up at the end

Another thing to add to the OP list would be - make the special effects of relics function while piloting Iron Bear. Passive bonuses such as extra splash damage and max health can contribute, but the only relic that ‘works’ while piloting Iron Bear is Loaded Dice. For relics that require sliding or slamming, Bear could replicate with boost-jumping and his melee stomp as suggested above.

I like these, especially the idea of buffing things like the dang bear fists. Can we talk about how cool it would be if one augment on bear fist was converting it to a giant Reinhardt shield?

Also, specialist bear shouldn’t require you to use the same weapon. This reduces utility, and I doubt very many players who want to do damage with iron Bear feel incentivized to use multiple hardpoints at once