Iron bear nerfed

My Iron bear spend skill points for
“specialist bear1/1””Scorching RPM’s5/5””Desperate Measures 3/3”
Corrosive Sabot Round
vs Jack’s face
pre 12/20. 14k+71k dmg
Post 12/20. 13k+66k dmg
Nerfed around 8%.
So WHY nerfed?
Has not been described patch note 12/20.

Desperate measures is based on your health…I’m assuming Bear DM is based on Bear Health…so your numbers will move based on how much health remains in Bear.

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When they fixed DM to apply to both guns, they also changed where DM fits in the damage formula.

Pre 12/20 DM was a multiplicative boost to scorching rpm’s. Now post 12/20 the 2 bonuses are additive.

This has the effect of lowering Iron Bears damage a bit when both Scorching RPM’s and Desperate Measures are specced.


It’s based off of Mozes health no ?

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Yes, Desperate Measures(even for IB) is based off Moze’s health.

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I use deathless always.
HP is 1.
Same conditions.