Iron Bear new class mode idea and more

Hello, so this is just an idea that i was thinking about Iron Bear, dont know if its a good or bad idea.

So the idea is that Iron Bear when is active to follow you around and you can go in or go out for the amount of IB duration. Like Rocketeer class mod but more advance.

I think adding a variety of gameplay is nice to have. But Moze has less useful anointments like Zane has the best specific anointments like “While SNTNL is active, gain 100% of damage as bonus Cryo damage.”. Moze should have the same anointment as Zane that it goes like this: While Iron Bare is active, gain 100% of damage as ‘random element’. And i think should Zane should have random element not just Cryo for anointment.

While i was typing, i have come up with new class mod idea like "She deals x amount of damage( maybe splash damage or rng element), and she is healed for like 2% of the dmg or something similar. Because she very lack of survivability or change Bloodletter class mode to the idea.

But this just my opinion feel free to agree or disagree. :smile:

Basically your idea is to make a COM that turns Iron Bear into Deathtrap. Seems fun to me cause I main Gaige and love her and DT, but I honestly dont want to feel that I’m playing with something old, even if it was awesome.

Moze already has a COM focused on healing, the Sapper, that came with Hammerlock DLC. The longer she holds the trigger, higher her life steal. The percentage is listed to be up to 12%, but I saw that it actually doesnt have a cap, although, even if it has the 12%, I dont know for how much long you have to keep firing to max it out. Unfortunately it means that we cant pair the Sapper with high red tree investment to the maximum capacity, but now Moze has her own skills that gives her regen in both blue and green tree so we can play with it more freely without giving up of Blodletter.

I think this is a really good idea. Changing to Rocketeer COM so Iron Bear could follow you around would make it work a lot better.
I lose the idea of a random element bonus during action skill. This would be a lot of fun on all vault hunters. I also think they should make action skill active bonus apply to Iron Bear. This would do a lot to improve his damage and help Moze’s overall lack of anointment synergy.


The problem is just

You are not thinking from the point of a dev but only from what you would like to have
When ever you create something “but better”
The old thing is automatically trashed and that HAS to be prevented

See dictator -> monarch

So the rocketeer mod or auto bear in general should be worked over to be able to walk

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