Iron Bear Poll, what changes do you want the most?

I realize some may want more than 1 change but I kept it to single choice so we can keep track of the general opinion and the changes people want the most. The list isn’t exhaustive so drop a comment with your choice if it isn’t covered in the poll.

Please remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinion!

  • Fine as it is
  • More Damage
  • More Survivability
  • Scaling with More Gear
  • Longer Fuel Duration
  • Shorter Cooldown
  • Faster In Out Animation
  • Get rid of IB altogether
  • Nerf him please

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Can you add faster reload speed to this?
Fix Hardpoint Fire rate discrepancies?

5 minutes passed can’t change it now, drop a comment for what you want.

I ask in a totally honest ignorance. When one says “scaling with gear” what does that mean exactly? With the level of the gear, or with the gear score?

It can mean many things, generally if you want IB to take more gear into account when deciding its damage and survivability stats.

For me, it’s a toss-up between more damage and more survivability but I don’t mean either in general. What they did to buff the railguns was huge because now there are non-splash hardpoints on-par with, if not sometimes superior to the splash weapons in DPS under certain circumstances. But that also means that non-explosive Minigun rounds, Salamander and Bear Fist could do with more to be considered viable options in comparison.

It’s not just DPS though; any non-splash hardpoints will do nothing with Vampyr either. If I had to lean towards one or the other, my vote would be for survivability but purely so that non-splash hardpoints can also help Bear self-repair his armour. I don’t know which skill specifically would be best to edit so that non-splash hardpoints would grant Bear life steal.

Alternatively, Gearbox could do DPS and survivability (in conjunction with Vampyr) for non-splash hardpoints if they allowed Iron Bear to proc Short Fuse. Although I can see that sort of change drawing a lot of mixed opinions too, it would make choices for IB-focused builds more interesting.


It could be implemented via security bear. Boost the protective shield and give him regen on a % of missing armor. Or do the opposite: armor regen if the shield is down, no regen if the shield is up.
Anything, but IB needs to heal w/o relying solely on splash/vampyr.

And yes, IB needs to proc short fuse.

Add “summon auto bear” rather than “getting rid of him”
Also i want him to be able to walk in his own, lul


In that case, it would be more intuitive if it did the opposite, similar to how the Brawler Ward shield functions. Unless there are melee enemies rushing Bear, not much is going to damage him when the shield is up. On top of that, there’s a 5-second recharge delay for the bubble shield so that would be a long time in the middle of a fight to go without armour regen and enemies constantly resetting the delay.

But I like the idea of passive armour regen that can be acquired from a tier 1 skill. That combined with Iron Bear inflicting Short Fuse would do a lot to address lack of survivability while using non-splash hardpoints.

Didn’t want to get too specific, that could fall under faster in/out animation.

yeah, that’s why you I also proposed passive regen to compensate the lack of protection when the shield is down. But yeah, few ideas and well confused, but it should be a tier 1/2 skill as all the other IB related skills (deadlines, grizzled, SSB) usually are. That would really incentivize more IB oriented builds.

I think, that’s a huge difference
“Auto summon” is one of the most requested features


Reload speed then.

But maybe just all animation speed. Reload, movement, entry/exit. And fix the arms being unequal.

I agree, that was the only point I was looking for :smiley:


IMHO, make it more scaling with and enabling passive gear options and skills on Iron Bear will solve its lack of survivability or damage.

For example, if you want more damage, you could slap some Ineffable something2 artifact (the one that stacks damage every shot). If Short Fuse is active on Iron Bear too, it could boost its damage significantly too.

You want more survivability, you could use artifact with Last Stand ability. Or enabling passive health regen from artifact/class mods could also improve its durability.

The options are there but now it’s irrelevant with IB since so many of them aren’t active in IB. Although, I guess changing some values (damage and health) is so much easier for the dev to do, compared to enable more skills and passive gear options in IB.

Oh also, it’s not in the option… It would be a blast if the annointments are also useful in Iron Bear. Instead of triggered on “After exiting Iron Bear”, they could change some of them to “During in Iron Bear / When Iron Bear is active”.

Tbh, I’m a little surprised with faster entry/exit animations getting quite a few votes. Not a criticism though, I mean I get it; there are times where I wish it were a little faster too. I certainly wished the charge-up time for holding down the key to exit Iron Bear was a lot faster if anything. Any changes to animations would be mostly for people who enter-exit Bear for Auto Bear and/or anointments.

That sort of change would be intended more as a QoL improvement for those who are impatient yet it would bring downsides too, primarily less survivability. If the animations are faster, then you have fewer god frames (shorter period of invincibility) which subsequently means less time for Moze’s shield recharge delay and rate to work with, especially as DOTs still persist and delay your shield from recharging even during god frames and taking 0 damage.

Basically, in moments where you use Iron Bear as a panic button when your shields and/or health are low, suffering from DOTs and you get in and out a lot quicker, you’ll likely still have low shields and/or health when you’re back out. Unless you run FCoWA or Gearbox does some tinkering with the god frames, I don’t quite see it as the flawless QoL improvement most would expect it to be.


I don’t mind the time it takes at all. And I even run some builds that only use Iron Bear for proccing SFTR and Anoints, I’ve just never agreed that the time it took was unreasonable if that’s the way you choose to use it. The one thing I can get behind is adding an invuln frame while exiting like we get when entering, it’s not quite fair you can be taking 100 to 0 while getting out of IB and not being able to do anything about it.


You forgot “more / better synergy with skills” e.g.: all of his weapons should also have “amo reg”, “bigger mags” and “less amo consumption” if I invest into BM.

Also, the IB grenade anointment should finally get fixed and its ICD removed and on that note the activation condition for Vampyr should be changed to “whenever splash damage is dealt” which in combination with IBs grenade anointment would also increase his survivability.


I voted for more damage but really what I want is for the deadlines skill to refund you some heat/ammo for your Iron Bear weapons on kill. It’s really annoying to wait for rocket pods/sabot rounds/exploding bullets to reload/cooldown while I’m in the heat of battle.