Iron bear + post mortem

I’ve just noticed that when auto bear kills enemies DEATHS will never spawn. Useful if you have a rocketeer centered build, you just have to focus on your targets.

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Sounds like a bug waiting to be fixed.

No. They spawn, but depending on what hardpoints you have, IB might kill them as they spawn in. It also happens if splash damage kills an enemy on any other character


I’m using the base shock railgun, it has no splash so it shouldn’t kill them “by mistake”.
I literally don’t see any animation for them spawning. If I pilot they appear, if it’s auto Bear killing, I’m pretty sure they don’t.

You’re not using CA augment?

At the moment I’m not.

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I’m honestly going to guess at the same principle applies. I don’t know if that has much of an effect to not have an augment. The postmortem skulls might be tied to the amount of overkill you do to an enemy or something like that as well.

Also, just curious why you wouldn’t not use it? Are you just trying to handicap iron bear a little bit?

I wanted to have forge to have fun with a few high magazine weapons, even tho it’s less effective I find forge+short fuse fun.
However after checking some more I’m now sure that kills by iron bear do not cause the skulls to spawn at all. It’s not that they die outright, they don’t get generated at all. I think iron bear messes it up entirely. Gonna check Zane’s clone next.

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Ohhh you’re saying you think that the game doesn’t spawn them because IB isn’t considered the player. Hadn’t thought of that. But to be more specific then, you’re saying Autobear doesn’t spawn them? I know for a fact that piloting IB spawns them, but could imagine auto not doing it


This shouldn’t be happening because DEATH should be spawning as infrequently as the health boosters whenever an enemy is killed. It shouldn’t be tied to whether or not a player specifically kills the person; well actually it should be AB is an extension of the player, and therefore should cause DEATH to appear. It’s annoying that getting hit with it while in IB puts you in FFYL even though I believe IB should take the hit and not you, but now those guys running rocketeer builds for AFK Moze will have even more of a reason to cheese their way through a modifier that’s supposed to be difficult.

I think it depends from the fact that auto Bear is considered a vehicle and vehicles don’t spawn them.

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So does auto bear benefit from vehicle damage percentage increases via guardian rank?

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