Iron bear skill questions

Do any of iron bear skills stack when applied together?

I’m not sure what you mean by stack. Do you mean do they synergize? As far as I know they do. For instance if you get Stainless Steel Bear, which gives him 30% more armor, and then get the Security Bear skill, your bubble shield health will be based on your increased health from Stainless Steel Bear. So if you have 6,000 health normally, your bubble shield would have 1,200 health, for 7,200 health total. However, if you have both skills, your Iron Bear will have 7,800 health and your shield will have 1,560 health for 9,360 health total.

Another example of two skills that synergize would be Deadlines and Stainless Steel Bear. Say for instance your Iron Bear has 2,000 fuel normally and your weapons drain 200 fuel per second on average, allowing you to fire for 10 seconds before running out of fuel. Deadlines will reduce your per second fuel drain to 120, which will allow you to fire Iron Bear’s weapons for 16.6 seconds. If you have Stainless Steel Bear as well, which increases maximum fuel by 20%, you will be able to fire Iron Bear’s weapons for 20 seconds before running out of fuel.

Another example of two skills that synergize together very well are Auto Bear and Dakka Bear. From what we’ve heard, with these 2 skills, you can summon Iron Bear, immediately get out of him, putting him into sentry mode for 15 second and giving Iron Bear a much shorter cooldown, and then hop into your own turret and use it to shoot until the 15 seconds are over, where you will be automatically forced out of Iron Bear as he charges the nearest enemy and self destructs.

For example:
Equipping fuel economy on both IB arms.
Getting a kill with each individual flame thrower…Does that grant +50% movement speed and -50% fuel drain?

Oh ok, I get you now. I honestly can’t say without playing the game, as I haven’t seen any gameplay footage of someday using 2 Fuel Economy salamanders at once. I would assume that the -25% fuel drain only applies to 1 salamanader, so equipping 2 Fuel Economy salamanders would only give you -50% if you were firing both at once, I wouldn’t think you would be able to only fire 1 salamander with -50% fuel drain. The movement speed increase might stack though, if you fire a burst of fire from each salamander at the enemy you should be able to make Iron Bear move 50% faster for a few seconds afterward I would assume.

Something else we don’t know yet as far as I know is if the +25% damage from Specialist Bear requires you to use the same augment on both of your equipped guns, or if you can use the same weapon on each arm but with 2 different augments. Hopefully it is the latter, I feel like doing the Cryo Minigun in one hand and the Explosive Minigun in the other hand will be great if you can boost the damage by 25% with Specialist Bear.

Do you know if IB can kill goons by running &/or walking over them?

& if Moze gains xp when IB kills an enemy?

  1. I don’t think he can walk over enemies, I haven’t seen it in any gameplay videos anyway.

  2. Yes, Moze gains XP for Iron Bear kills.