Iron Bear skills should benefit Moze too

I’m talking Dakka Bear, Specialist Bear, Deadlines, Stainless Steel Bear, and Security Bear.

Frankly, a huge number of Moze’s issues stem from poor skill point economy and lack of options outside of Vampyr for healing. And she has a total of five skills that are just begging for her to be able to fix these issues.

I personally propose simple numeric bonuses to most of these skills that would help Moze players out with making hybrid Moze + Iron Bear builds as opposed to treating both like completely separate entities from one another.

For Specialist Bear I think a simple +10% Fire Rate would be a huge bonus, and would help Moze with using Click Click on large magazine guns.

For Deadlines I think that as a tier 1 skill about prolonging IB uptime Moze would benefit greatly from a +0.5% HP/s bonus per point for 1.5% hp/s while on foot, and then double that when she’s in IB. This would give Moze an early tier option for healing between fights, and she’ll always exit Iron Bear more healthy than she went in. No more having to throw a CMT right before getting in so that Moze can heal before leaving.

For Stainless Steel Bear, I’m aware of it’s Short Fuse interaction, but this skill boosts the Bear’s survivability, so why not give Moze something like 10% to 20% max health at 5/5 points.

For Security Bear, Moze would love an early source of shield recharge delay bonuses. Something minor like a 5% to 10% Shield Recharge delay bonus for such an early point would be huge.

And then there’s Dakka Bear. The turret that I’ve personally seen only used for coop meme runs of endgame content. I honestly think this ability needs an outright redesign. Not so much it’s function, but what benefit it gives to whoever is in the mounted turret. It’d take a lot of extra work, animation, and new modeling, so this is a pipe dream; however, I think that the turret should instead be a mounted weapon amg that allows the user to fire their currently equipped gun with a 1.25x damage multiplier and +15% fire rate would be more than enough to get people to actually consider the turret. I’d also like to propose allowing Auto Bear to synergise with this skill by deploying Moze into the Dakka Bear seat to make use of Action Skill End anointment bonuses from inside it.

edit: okay done.

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I would rather specialist bear give Moze a 2% bonus fire rate for every piece of matched gear.

Interesting. I would make it so that she gains a small % weapon dmg if she kills an enemy after 5 seconds from the first impact. You know… give her a… deadline. Hahahahaha J/k

I think the short fuse interaction is more than enough, and I think this skill in particular should be all about IB as it is now.

Honestly I was hoping it would just heal all friendly units within the bubble like a Kyb’s worth healing circle but centered around IB.

I also considered the idea of allowing people to use their current weapons while in dakka, but because you can be tanky AF with IB builds it could allow a glass cannon VH to hop in there and do insane damage while being unkillable.

I do think something needs to be done with Dakka Bear for sure… but I’m not sure what it is. I do think that if someone is in Dakka Bear then IB itself should do more damage which would kind of indirectly buff the rocketeer com. Maybe Dakka Bear’s turrets could be a mini version of IB’s currently equipped weapons, or maybe a separate choice for what you want Dakka Bear to use.

Perhaps you could have Dakka Bear activate your anointment’s upon entering, and of course that would only be meaningful if the turret itself benefited from said anointment.

Either way Dakka Bear is a great concept, but horrible execution.

I really like your propositions for the Specialist Bear and Security Bear skills. Those ideas are a lot more thematically appropriate than my own ideas.
I’m not totally sure what you mean with your Deadline idea. Could you elaborate on that one a bit?

Oh and thank you for taking the time to respond with your thoughts. I wasn’t sure how this topic would go over and I’m happy you came in and read it all.

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My deadline idea was just a joke about deadlines as in you only have X amount of time to complete said project, and normally it is completely and utterly unrealistic to accomplish.

So for example if you only gave Moze 1 sec to kill an enemy, but if she managed it you would give her a % dmg increase like a kill skill with no stack limit that lasts for 30 secs. Again though it was more a play on the word deadlines and more intended as a joke than an actual idea.

Oh and thank you for taking the time to respond with your thoughts. I wasn’t sure how this topic would go over and I’m happy you came in and read it all.

No problem at all, and thank you for taking the time to write up your thoughts and ideas. If we all come together and build a good Moze community we might actually see changes we can all enjoy! This is what brainstorming is all about… and also this.

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Well, it clearly needs a consecutive hits annointment haha…