Iron Bear TVHM Mayhem 3 Gameplay

Just some Gameplay with a Iron Bear focused build.

What do I think can be buffed with Iron Bear? I think the health scaling could be more generous. It took a very specific and hard to acquire piece of gear to get Iron Bear this much armor. Also the elemental weapons such as Flamethrow & Acid Spitter could use a damage buff. I also feel like they should rework the overheating mechanic. The explosive Minigun is IB’s strongest weapon IMO, however the need to manage the heat can make it a little frustrating to play with in the head of combat. I got into the habit of firing the guns until they Overheat and then exiting IB. I could also just stomp until they’re cooled but I like to get those Iron Bear synergy boost.

The biggest issue I have is currently the Auto-Eject bug. That can complete kill the Iron Bear cooldown rotation which my shield revolves around to stay at 120k Armor.