Iron Bear useless in lategame?

Im lvl 50 Guardian rank 117 and finished the normal game mode and the true vault hunter mode 100%

In the normal game Iron Bear was really helpfull and the scaling was good.
In true vault hunter mode or Mayhem mode Iron Bear (43k hp + shield) dies really fast same with technical Vehicle ist to slow and die to fast… I only hits ~5k dmg with nuclear bomb and fire railgun with ~300-500 dot. With my Weapon i hit 5-10k hits per second and have 1k-3,5k dot.
I only use Iron Bear to recover shields in some situations.


Yes, because there are no option yo increase it’s dmg based on your stats.

🤷 U nailed the poor bear problems

simple fix : change the scaling/base stats for iron bear, pets and vehicles when switching to tvhm and mayhem. Everything you can’t adjust with gear should have a better scaling when increasing the difficulty.

Or don’t design classes with pets and stuff like that… oh, too late…


What’s annoying is everyone saw this problem from a mile away.


Because it’s always the same problem with rpg like games when you can’t scale something with gear and you increase difficulty. And in this game 3 classes have pet or pet-like abilities.

They need to adapt the hp/dmg scaling with the difficulty. Or they add a inventory slot for pet/ability item that let you customize it with a new class item type (so moze could get an item that give iron bear more HP/dmg plus perhaps new buffs).


You’d think, and I had hoped class mods or relics would have covered it but apparently not.

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even gunner anointed gear rely mostly on buff when exiting iron bear (and general anointed buff are pretty much active when action skill end). Like the only use of IB is to bunny jump in & out. As far as I know you don’t even have a relic that buff iron bear (not even sure the claws count as a melee attack?).

well there goes my desire to continue my solo character… sigh
Is Zane broken like this too?

Why? Moze is great without iron bear…
Yesterday i finished Slaughterstar 3000 on Mayhem 3 solo. I think its the hardest activity ingame
Round 5 was really hard but its possible :slight_smile:

btw it was true vault hunter mode mayhem 3 make this a difference to normal mayhem 3?


I am actually surprised how reliable IB in Mayhem 3 is. He is a life safer for me because i do not really play as IB. I jump out of it and let auto bear shout and destract things. And 25 seconds later i can call him again


It’s the problem. So what the point to have the mech if moze is just fine and better without it? It’s what I call an useless ability if you just fine not using it. A waste. A proof the concept not working if playing inside iron bear is useless/less powerfull than infantry gameplay.

Why not change the ability so you directly call a pet like deathtrap with gaige. Would be more usefull.


So what the point to have the mech if moze is just fine and better without it? It’s what I call an useless ability if you just fine not using it. A waste. >

This. I have no desire to continue my playthrough with Moze now. May quit and just pick another character. So many post detailing how her ability is near useless late game because of scaling. A lot of people pointed out this concern before launch on the forums and it looks like they were ignored.


I find Iron near pretty powerful. I only use it for autobear and with the point in specialist bear, the miniguns and railguns rock. I just jump in and then immediately back out. By the time auto bear is done the cooldown is refreshed, and autobear creates stacks for you as well.

I run something very close to this, artifacts and mods that take health to 1 and double shield and splash damage.

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Note that it’s not impossible to balance Iron Bear right. BL2 had good balance for melee which suffers from the same issue as Iron Bear of not scaling off your guns but your level and skills. Melee Zer0 and Krieg can go through the game using mostly their melee action skill and people made melee builds for Maya, Gaige and even Salvador which are viable for mobbing as far as I know. Also same applies to TPS where Wilhelm and Jack have viable pets.

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because I like the iron bear and I don’t want to play half a character?

No one is saying Moze isn’t a powerful vault hunter, let’s stop mixing that up please. What we’re saying is that Ironbear unless being used indirectly for shields or some such, is a completely useless action skill. It does not work like most people reasonably hoped a mech riding character would work.


I’ve found myself hoping for a faster enter/exit animation in Ironbear, which is bad, in and of itself, that the only reason I use the action skill is to kick off anointed triggers and activate shield recharge skill.

I feel that Ironbear would have a better feel to it if I could use it slightly more often but maybe it didn’t last as long. It also shouldn’t die from damage but only use fuel consumption.

The cooldown skill on Ironbear also shouldn’t have diminishing returns. As a 5 point skill it is poor that it take 5 kills to knock 15 seconds off and then each kill only knocks 1 second off after that. 5 seconds per kill on a 2 minute cooldown is not that crazy for what it currently does.

In other words, I would like to see Ironbear usable more often and be indestructible but not last as long. Maybe useable once per minute for about 15 seconds and with cooldowns and upgrade skills maybe usable once every 45 seconds for 15-20 seconds.

Or make the cooldown skill not have diminishing returns so it’s useable more often. It doesn’t feel like a good action skill now(post normally difficulty).


I kinda wondered about that as a fix as well. My problem is losing Ironbear while I still have half a tank of fuel. Having armor, fuel, and a long cooldown is too much. I’m sorry Ironbear it’s self is just not powerful enough to warrant all three drawbacks.


Iron bear have lot of drawback for an ability that isn’t that strong in the end. The problem is that at some point it will become a less powerfull character than mose. It can’t compete with all the legendary stuff you can find. You can find some guns that do more mayhem than ironbear nuke.

In the end I regret to not be able to install any regular weapon.

i picked her knowing it would be like this, but mozes main drawing points are not her mech, but how her skills buff her. that’s why i picked her as my main anyways
they will most likely fix this by drastically buffing iron bears health and damage based on the mayhem mode and difficulty level.

my rough stat bonuses would be
TVHM: 50% health boost, 40% damage boost, 5% damage reduction, 10% elemental resistance
Mayhem 1: 70% health boost, 60% damage boost, 10% damage reduction, 20% elemental resistance
Mayhem 2: 100% health boost, 90% damage boost, 20% damage reduction, 40% elemental resistance
Mayhem 3: 150% health boost, 140% damage boost, 40% damage reduction, 70% elemental resistance

these are just rough numbers i came up with after doing a simple bit of math and theory crafting in my head, they would need to still be tweaked more to be balanced.
they should also make class mods improve iron bears stats. not just fuel and cool down time.