Iron Bear Vampyr healing

The Vampyr skill is not healing for the right amount with Iron Bear.
Instead of the 10% damage back as Iron Bear’s health I am getting 1%.

It’s not damage. It’s 10 percent of missing health per enemy hit by single splash.

Then I should be getting far more back.
My Iron bear has 108,000 hp but I am only getting 70 hp back for splash.

That definitely seems buggy.

One last question though: how much health do you have remaining at this point? Is it 70 when you’re almost full or 70 when you’re almost empty?

At all times. high health and low health
I even went to the slaughter shaft to get blasted by Badass zealots to see how much I was getting back.
It was 70x3 for my missile launcher and 70ish for my grenade launcher.

Could you post a video?

I don’t know how to do that.

Yikes…that’s not good. Your best bet is to file a support ticket, but they’re gonna ask you for video.

What system are you on?

I play on PS4.
I just wanted to know if it was just me suffering the bug or if others were to.

Lemme tag in the PS4 person who’s most vocal about Moze that I see

Heyyyy @twoPIZZA ever seen anything like this?

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Thank you

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Unfortunately you’d need to make a video of it for anyone to see what’s up. I’ve never heard of that happening.

You don’t only have 1/5 Vampyr right?

For videos on ps4 you just need a YouTube account. You just link it to your playstation, and set up your video recording options. It should only take about 5 minutes to set that up.

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I have a full Vampyr.
I did a respec on my brother’s recommendation and that fixed the problem.
Should it pop up again I’ll make a video.


Weird bug, glad it’s fixed now.


Hmm…I think the same thing might be happening to me. I think I’m getting those 70 ticks, facing Warden right now for farming. And I think I have 4/5 Vampyr.

OP respecced and it solved their issue. Give that a try and then report back, please.

I’ll double check it again. I wanna make sure I’m looking at healing ticks in IB, vs damage something or other. Will have to do that later, simply cause I’m still farming. Granted, I’m on M1 at the moment, and running around 80K armor. One good homing missile barrage brings me back a good chunk. Update: Looks like I was just mis-interpreting is all. I’m at 88K armor, and if I hit Warden when he’s not bleeping immortal, I hit him with a full rocket barrage at around 65k armor and it probably gave me back about 17-20K armor, so, yeah, I’m good.

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I was having problems with IB the other day that made me quit the game for several days. One badass was taking out my 170k hp in 3-4 shots, even with Vampyr healing me and the bubble shield. At that point I decided I didn’t feel like playing anymore.

Probably the +2 projectile mayhem modifier, totally shreds IB.

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Yeah, you’re probably right. I see why people reroll that modifier.