Iron Bear vs. Auto Bear

1.) When various skills say they boost Iron Bear damage, armor, etc, does that also include Auto Bear, or only when you pilot Iron Bear?

2.) When using Auto Bear, when does your ASE annointments trigger? When you exit Iron Bear, or when Auto Bear ends?

Only Specialist Bear affects auto bear, and the the action skill is over when you leave IB


Interesting. Thanks.

Really? Seems like an oversight.

IB is a giant jumping oversight


The 160 splash IB exit anointment does boost Auto Bear though. Which is nice because it lasts the whole duration.


Wait, so the splash damage annointment adds damage to Auto Bear, as well as the weapon with the annointment??

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Splash Damage boosts (anointment, artifact, mod) boost character splash damage. It isn’t tied specifically to the gun. So even grenades are boosted by the gun’s splash anointment. Just the way they programmed splash.

For the anointment on guns that lasts until next action skill start, weapon switch, or time limit.


Right, knew all that… But didn’t realize it included Auto Bear as well?

Yeah, splash boost across the board do


Huh. Awkward. Well. Might have to farm some stuff that will be useless by Thursday just because.


Did not realize this… I was thinking the other day that Auto Bear was seriously putting in work with the exploding bullets augment. This explains why

I’ll admit my personal testing of this has been pretty low. But it’s easy to test in a basic way. Just fire some bullets at an enemy and see the dame numbers, then see what auto bear does.

I didn’t do any no skill point testing or anything too thorough because it just makes sense that auto bear gets the boost. So I left it at that.

Would love if someone does some testing on this, but it is a little annoying to do being outside of sanctuary.

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Yeah it’s hard to test. I did it by feel, didn’t realise it was the annointment, attributed it to another source, build maybe. Good to know.

Is it only the Moze anointment that affect autobear or does the general splash anoint works too?

All splash will affect Iron Bear.


I use auto-bear cuz it procs anointments. Hopping out of IB counts as action skill end. Not sure if this is intentional but its nice having a 15sec action skill with very fast cooldown.

Plus if I ever find myself short on grenades I can just stay in a little longer and spam the burst nades on IB and instantly refill.

I can almost always hop back into IB after 18 seconds when the 160% splash wears off.

Using auto-bear would be alot more fun and less clunky if we could just hold the action skill button and just summon him like deathtrap, may have to tweak anoints but I think it could be fun

Hmm coming back to this: how do Deadlines and Stainless Steel Bear effect Auto Bear? As far as fuel consumption and increased fuel. i.e., will Auto Bear stay active longer?

No, Auto Bear is fixed at 15 seconds regardless of how much fuel is remaining in the tank. You can completely empty the tank and still have Auto Bear active. However, the only exception to this is if you’re wearing a Rocketeer COM - in exchange for sacrificing refunded cooldown completely, Auto Bear stays up depending on how much fuel was still left in the tank when you exited Bear.

Right, I should have prefaced that by saying I was asking about Rocketeer specifically.