Iron Bear won't reload nukes in multiplayer

Joined a couple of games in TVHM with my Moze main, only to find out my hardpoint weapons could only fire once, and won’t reload like in solo. Is this a known bug? I haven’t completed the first few main storyline missions in TVHM on Pandora though, does that have anything to do with my issue? I’ve gone as far as finishing the first vault, three sessions I’ve joined so far exhibited the no-reload-for-your-bear thing.

I second this.

It’s happened to me too, usually the right arm, left seems to reload ok.

I’ve just had the game for a couple of weeks so I’m not sure if this issue was introduced by the Bloody Harvest hotfixes. Was your multiplayer iron bear reloads ok before this @mrmatt1978? I’m not dependent on IB, but this kills IB utility while in matchmade sessions.

No, it existed as a problem before Bloody Harvest.

I run with a Rocketeer COM, and once I jump out of the cockpit, Iron Bear fires and reloads as normal.

Huh, seems like they never fixed it, or decided it’s too OP for multiplay. Nukes also reload and function normally when I unmount with Auto Bear running it. I initially thought it was just the lag messing things up. Thanks, now I can stop wondering and probably send a ticket to GB.

Not personally had this happen to me, so I’m wondering if it’s related to the actual weapon choice? I’m running chaingun on right and V35 rockets on left. (I’m also on XB1 so there’s a possibility that it’s platform specific as well).

Does it happen consistently, or does it seem random? And did you file a support ticket?

Consistent across the last three sessions I joined in, I just shrugged it off and thought it was by design. Already sent a ticket, hopefully someone can look into it.

Edit: Had Vanquishers with Hammerdown Protocol on both hardpoints. Also thinking it might be a latency issue. PC/Steam.