Iron Bear's Damage Formula

That’s my guess. This IB stuff doesn’t even scale with the mayhems. Its likely they reshuffled the damage calc under the hood and its had some unintended effects.

Someone on Reddit is saying that Heavy Weapon damage and Weapon Damage on class mods affect Iron Bear now, is this true, can’t really test since I don’t have any with those stats at the moment.

I highly doubt it, however I’ll give a cursory check when I’m next on.

They dont.

Were did you see that claim anyway?

Someone on Reddit made a list of interesting things about Iron Bear and then listed that as one of the things, I called them out for misinformation and then they told me I was wrong and that they thoroughly tested it.

I cut the vid really bad but you can see they dont work. I tried other hard points as well.

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I cant find the thread :frowning:

I saw the same thing mentioned here on the forums somewhere a bit ago. I too tested it and found it to not be working as was said. I did not test out of sanctuary though so there is still a possibility it’s only mayhem related.

Since your clip only showed CA I’ll mention I also tested Sabot and Pods.

“Thoroughly tested” means nothing coming from Reddit. 99.9% of the time it means they spent 5 minutes in Sanctuary.


Thanks for testing I tried it out too, and nothing, I told the guy to retest it and he did, he admitted that he messed up and is editing the post to avoid misinformation.

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Hi Thank you for this post this is very Helpful in understanding what works or doesn’t while Using Iron Bear.

I am playing Moze with an IB centric gameplay and build, i have a hard time figuring what are the best anointed bonus, what works or doesn’t any of you guys can help ?

For example the Anointed bonus " While action skill is active, gun damage is boosted by 200%" does it actually apply to the guns Iron Bear is using or not ?

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It doesnt it refers to weapon damage only.

The only ointment that really does something is either splash ointment, but they obviously only work with auto bear

Where does the flare com fit in the formula?

I’ve come to realize I can’t use the explosive minigun with IB. I have an extremely bad habit of killing IB with it. Like one splash damage shot plus fire and he’s gone. Lol.

Flare cm bonus is a new multiplier and is on its own in the formula.

Iron Bear Damage = Base Damage x TYPE A x TYPE B x Specialist x Flare x v1 x Splash x Critical Damage x Elemental Multiplier x Debuff Gear x Debuff Perks x Mayhem Scaling x Doubled Mult

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So with new anointments IB will be even more broken.

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If action skill scaling remains untouched and considering that we’ll get new skill that help us manage ib fuel, the new anoints will make everything even more broken, specially with the Flare com, yeah.

“Doubled multi”?, what damage multiplier are you talking about?

You can check [Guide] Moze's Damage Formulas for more detailed info (iron bear section)

Double mults are Dakka bear, SRPMs and Stainless Steel Bear, these three bonuses apply twice for some reason (gbx reasons).

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Ah ok, I knew about the double dipping. Should have know that double multi was referring to that. Thanks for the explanation.

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