Iron Cub + Flare Class Mod is Surprising Good Iron Cub Moze Build

Heya Buddies, since Iron Cub Recently got added to the game of course I wanted to give it a shot immediately and with much disappointment, tons of players & I, discovered that Iron Cub doesn’t have Mayhem 10/11 Scaling or any mayhem scaling at all yet. Despite this I wanted to try to make the best Mayhem 10 Level 65 build I possibly could make even with this hiccup from Gearbox. Luckily Moze’s New Skill Tree is really good at boosting Moze’s on foot damage so I decided to put all my chips in one place and try to make an optimized on foot build with the new skill tree. After 10 different Builds I found this one to deal the most amount of damage and to be the most fun as well.

Here is the skill tree build I use: Clicky-Clicky

Click Here for Build Showcase:

Lets Focus on the skill points and why I chose them. Lets start at the Purple Tree (The New One); 5 Points into BioFuel really to just get to the next skill points on tier 2 and to allow Iron Cub to stay full health easier. Also we put one point into Really Big Guns to just get down the skill tree further since we needed an extra point so I said why not since Big Surplus is unusable with Iron Cub Since Iron Cub Favors staying on the field as long as possible. Now Tier 2 is where things actually get good, we put 5 points into Harmonious Havoc Since we work to this skill’s favor and allow us to get a constant 50%/60% Bonus gun damage “at all times.” Because of this skill being a huge bonus for gun damage I made my build have as many Fire Element Gear as possible. Only piece of gear that doesn’t have Fire is my Grenade but I’ll get to that later, also I put “at all times” in quotation marks because this ability goes away if you enter FFYL for whatever reason but you can work around that if you just swap guns, so you could just swap back & forth to your preferred gun if this ever occurs. Hopefully that gets fixed since I feel like that is a unnecessary feature or an annoying bug whatever you wanna call it. Another 3 Filler Points into whatever you want to advance down farther into the skill tree is needed so I just put them into Double Time since movement speed is always nice (Even if its minuscule). We then get mid-stone Fire Up for the free 25% fire rate increase. I say free since its really easy to proc this ability. 5 points into Never Going To Give You Up since the extra fuel refund it gives is actually really nice & 4 Points into Nitrotrinadium Engines not because its amazing but because there isn’t anything else worth putting the 4 points into to get the capstone for. Lastly Feature Creep is obtained for the damage reduction to keep Iron Cub nice and healthy and that will lead us into the Glorious Glorious Cap Stone Running on Fumes. With the Recurring Shock Hex Grenade I use for this build I am able to constantly Ignite enemies since we have Fire In The Skag Den so we can constantly proc this effect to keep Iron Cub’s Fuel at a good level for a long period of time. Now I’m noticing this Paragraph is getting a little intimidating so I’m going to just skim past each point choice on Blue Tree & Green Tree and just say that Blue Tree was focused so we get Short Fuse, Fire in The Skag Den and to get Target Softening for Iron Cub Since Iron Cub Doesn’t deal good damage might as well make him our debuff mule & the Green Tree was focused for the bonus incendiary damage bonuses and Rushin Offensive Point for survivability.

Iron Cub’s Weapon of Choice: As Mentioned Before we use Target Softening on Iron Cub so we can pretty much have a mobile Slag Turret to increase Moze overall damage. We also use Efficiency Engine Action Skill Augment for Iron Cub to further increase Moze’s Damage. I don’t know the cap for this ability but it is a substantial boost to our damage and should always be taken until Iron Cub is able to get hotfix for better damage.

Moze’s On Foot Weapon of Choice: Okay so this can be pretty loose if you want, Not one weapon is the best go to weapon for this build since there isn’t anything that restricts you from picking what you want Just try to make sure its a fire element & its a meta gun. The only thing I will stress for you to obtain is: Anointment While Iron Cub is Active increase Weapon damage by 100%. Since Iron Cub’s uptime is almost 100% assuming there is always enemies to fight you will want this ability so you can have constant increase of damage. So get this anointment on your favorite gun and you’ll be good to go. Personally I used a Light show Pistol, The Lob Shotgun, Blood Starved Beast SMG & The Scourage RPG. Not for any particular reason except that each gun was able to cover each other’s weaknesses and allowed me to adapt to different scenarios.

The Rest of The Gear: Arguably the most important piece of gear for you to get for this build is a Flare Class mod with whatever points you want on it because the most important part of that Class Mod is its ability: +100% Damage While Iron Bear is active, decreases as Iron Bear spends fuel. Iron Cub’s tree capstone Running on Fumes allows you to keep the 100% Increase for longer periods of time than in the past since it stops Iron Cub From Spending any Fuel so we are able to benefit from this class mod for a really long time. Even when Iron Cub finally gets to 50% fuel that’s still a 50% damage increase which is huge when our DPS is in the Millions. Other Important Gear is a Fire Element Old God since you are specializing into Fire damage this is a no brainer as that’s just a free 20% increase on all our fire damage. Unfortunately there is no shield Anointment that directly benefits this builds so any anointment is fine. Another Important Piece of Gear is a Recurring Hex of any element you want. Now you could technically get the same effect from a storm front but a Hex is a lot easier to manage since it homes so its just a toss & done deal. The Recurring Hex is important because its allows us to apply another status effect besides Fire so we are able to generate our stacks from the new skill tree like Fired Up quicker then if we were just only using fire to apply dots. Cool thing about Moze is you can use Fire In The Skag Den to give your Hex both Fire & whatever element you have on the grenade (Hex can only spawn with: Shock, Cyro & Radiation) so because of that we are able to ignite enemies without really thinking about it. The Preferred Anointment is: While Iron Bear Active Taking damage has a 20% chance to spawn a grenade. Iron cub allows this to proc so we get Random Free Hexes Flying around procing all of your abilities and since Iron Cub is always going to be active this will occur very often. Cool Thing about this anointment with Iron Cub, Either you (Moze) Or Iron Cub can proc this when taking damage. So you could be chilling somewhere while Iron Cub is fighting and you will see random grenades fly out of you and better yet you can be in the fray and Iron Cub is goofing off somewhere (Believe me this happens sometimes) you’ll still see grenades come out since Moze being damaged procs this anointment as well. Its a win-win. The Only other gear to talk about is the Artifact. The best two Artifacts for this build is Elemental Projector & The Pearl. I find the Pearl to be a more reliable source of damage boost but if you want to you could run a Sellout pistol to ignite yourself for bonus damage from Elemental Projector. In hindsight I now realize that Sellout + Elemental Projector would have been better to kill bosses for my footage but whatever can’t change it now; For Boss Farming go for Sellout + Elemental Projector combo for faster kills

Its a ton of fun and I would love for you guys to try it as well. Feel free to offer suggestions on how to make this better. Look above for this Moze build Save File. Alrighty that’s all I have for today, Have a great day everyone :slight_smile:

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I didn’t read the full post but yeah Flare plus IC and While IC is Active anoint is good.

Pearl or Elemental Projector are also my fave artifact with this.

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If you have any plans on switching weapons, don’t bother with the “While X is Active, gain Damage” anointments. They stop working if you do (and apparently also stop if you enter Fight For your Life). Go with Consecutive Hits instead.

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Is that true only for ASA 200% or are you saying it’s true for while IC as well?

Edit: I’m pretty sure we lose Harmonius Havoc when going FFYL. You gotta switch to another weapon and switch back to the original one.

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That’s funny that’s the artifacts I said were the best for this build near the end of the post ha ha

Yes that is true we lose harmonic havoc when going in a fight for your life it’s a lame feature

So moze herself gains a damage boost from flare to??

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Yep she does

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Pretty neat. Now if iron cub just WORKED we would be in buisness lol


Yo true dat that would be nice

Yo at the current moment the only active anointment that has that problem is the generic 200% one. All other active anointments still go off if you swap weapons :slight_smile:

“Walking slag turret” much love.

8 hours after release;
Equips salamanders, fuel economy, cub, efficiency engine. Pearl of Knowledge, Sweeper, Version 0.m, Lucky 7 rolls 1,5 and a piss

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How is that build working out for ya? I like that you created a ammo efficient iron cub builds seems very fun on paper

Idk what way is easier to reach u but did some testing and you can keep bear up at higher fuel if you don’t really use fire guns and use a fire grenade to proc the refuel. That way the diminishing return doesn’t become nothing at some point. You now have moments where your at about 60% left throw nade a bit or it procs on its own then bam way more fuel return.
You may think ok but I have skag den and other fire skills. Well usually your build will do so much damage the bonus damage from your fire skills kinda won’t ignite enemies… so yea just a tip

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Also another thing is honestly we can run 1hp non bloodletter builds easily now cuz beskar shield does crazy damage reduction while still having nice amount of shield on it and a HUGE amount of recharge. The reflects are amazing and do gain bonus from 50/150 so it makes 50/150 flare builds actually viable to where you dont go down any more then u may normally from stuff like barrels and such


I think you or someone else mentioned this on my YouTube video because I believe I recently got a comment explaining some of this. The non fire approach is a really cool idea and accessibility of urad anointment would be really useful for future builds, thanks for pointing all of that out :slight_smile:

Yea it was me lol

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