Iron Fists and the places we wish they didn't go

So. Iron Fist.

I don’t like it very much.

What re your thoughts?

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Not a fan… I don’t put points in it.


I haven’t watched it but all I’m hearing is bad things from people who have watched it. Like “the Bride” not being the actual Bride of Nine Spiders for example.


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My opinion without knowing… anything about the source material-

The plot is stretched pretty damned thin, and is absolutely shakey in a lot of places. The acting is hit or miss, but that may be largely due to the ridiculous, utterly ridiculous dialog babbled by most of the characters. If a plot twist isn’t by the books, then it’s usually pretty stupid.

This is without criticizing the fight sequences, which I thought were “ok” and some people hated.

Without giving anything away, I’ll say too that by the ending, you’ll kind of feel like nothing ■■■■■■■ happened.

That is a shame, may have to give it a shot anyway, I do like some old cheesy crap anyway so may be up my ally.

I like how no one has touched the “places we wish they didn’t go” part of the Post :mask:

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No one respects my wit these days, I tell you.

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Well you definitely got a chuckle out of me :acmaffirmative:

Ohhhh, he was talking about butts!!!

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So since Iron Fist is bad can we talk about how awesome Legion is?

No, you’ll need to make another thread for that

@Arsonist: Thread title, meet “Innuendo Bingo”. :upside_down:

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