Iron God kicked my sweet candy vault hunter's ass

After several tries, I finally could make this bastard evolve… but as soon as he become the Iron God (level 92) he kicked my ass (that’s why I couldn’t take a picture of him in god mode xD)… not even with the pimpernel - ahab I was able to deal any damage to him.

The picture was taken when he was about level 87-88

My mighty Sal, slayer of Vorac, conqueror of Crawmerax, rider of Terry… was totally humiliated. :frowning:

Vault Hunters needed!!

Hey, @PeterL2014 look… I figure it out!


It took me like 15 minutes to kill this level 92 enemy who has a 99.2% damage reduction and chase you since the first second you spawn him. He even force me to change my class mod to a Hoarder after I ran out of ammo… but he finally fell (thanks to some dwarves that capture his attention for a few seconds)

I ■■■■■■■ love this game!

Of course, the loot was crap, but the reward lies within my hearth. XD hahaha

me, myself and the Iron God

oh… crap.

another type of crap.

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pulento xD