Iron Man Playthrough....BL2

So, I’m probably (definitely) deranged.

Attempting to playthrough (as Sal, because this is my first time trying something so idiotic)
all 3 modes with :

1. No Black Market Upgrades...w/ the exception of the first one you are forced to do in NVHM
2. No Purchased get what you find and no more.
3. No Purchased gear.....again, you only get what you find on one try.
4. No Farming chests/bosses for gear. You get one try. That's it.

EDIT: I forgot to mention all BAR bonus stats turned off. Lower that BAR, you know you want to!

We’ll see how long it takes me to lose what little of a mind I have left. :wink:

Has anyone else considered doing this?

Another question. Should I allow the use of Golden Keys or no?


VERY interested to see how this one goes. Keep us posted!

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Will do.

It occurred to me today that with all the talk about gear/best gear/modded gear, etc…I have never
heard mention of someone trying to do do all three modes w/o any upgrades at all.

I can only imagine that UVHM will be…in a word…horrible…lmao.

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I’d guess that the ‘no blackmarket upgrades’ bit would be a real problem after awhile, if for no other reason than ammo storage capacity, or the lack of.

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1-72. Not including the OP levels because I have hard time imagining surviving The Peak w/ these limitations and how fast the enemies get their health back…even with Sal’s regeneration, it would take forever if at all.

yeah no. its ridiculous trying to kill things at op8 with ba turned off. can be done, just sucks. i was struggling against loaders.

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If you have any video posting capability, I these would be cool to see.

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So you’re talking about starting brand new and going form there?

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i’d run with you.

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I don’t have a capture card in either of my laptops, & my desktop is built for music creation, so the
best I can do is screen caps of still from the PS3 directly. I can do some of those at interesting points!

Yes… :slight_smile:

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thansk for the heads-up. Never tried capturing gaming before so I will give it a shot.

I don’t want to veer this too far, but I have to ask…

…as in DAW?

never run as a team from the beginning before.

For video capture, there’s also OBS…I haven’t tried it yet (this weekend I’ll work with it), but a friend swears by it.

Correct. W/ my soundcard I can plug my guitar ( or other instruments) directly into the PC and record/edit…in the case of the axe, I run it through Guitar Rig

…but yeah…totally off topic, lol.

Reason I asked is 'cause I’m a bassist and my gaming rig doubles as my DAW mixing/mastering rig as well.

OK, back on topic…


I second OBS, great free tool for FRAPS’ing. Used it for Eve while i still played. Just make sure to change some of the quality settings and such.

Also, good luck mate…with the amount of HP most enemies have in UVHM, no ammo upgrades is going to be a killer.

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Fantastic. One of these days…ONE OF THESE DAYS… I will join the PC Gaming community. I tried it a few years back and didn’t quite transition from console.

It would be nice to have an all in one desktop, built from the ground up.