Iron Patriot Moze - True Takedown Run

First attempt:

Second attempt shaves off few more minutes. (alot less dying means faster runs lol)

Finally able to finish TTD with moze, some parts are still sloppy like the valk part but nonetheless i am happy with the result

Build discussion:
The idea on this build is to use that 15secs of auto bear to it’s full potential. With the god roll rifle GM com that i have, i decided to go for soulrender bcoz it’s awesome af… and with this rifle i figured i wont do much splash damage so i didnt get any splash dmg skill. I would pretty much like to use redistributor/hyperfocus if only i have the SMG version of my GM

The run could be faster definitely with proper skips and optimized boss killing/mobs handling but hey i am pretty satisfied with the bear buff, one of the easiest run i’ve made with moze.

Nice. Soul Render is such a good and fun gun. I have something similar but I go to Click Click and Forge. I haven’t tried TTD yet, but scaled TD is pretty easy. I don’t think my build does as much damage as yours does, though.

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