Irratating Kleese Bugs

Hi I unlocked kleese by beating all missions on silver with friends and everyone of us noticed now all heroes look unlocked but they aren’t he also has a bug on his helix where it says max shield increase but then displays +0 max shield. Anyone else notice bugs with him because there are others for him but they aren’t consistent so I’m unsure if they relate to him or not.

This has nothing to do with Kleese, it happens when you beat the Heliophage mission. You’ve “beat the game” so all the locks and unlock conditions disappear, but the characters don’t actually unlock.

By and large I haven’t noticed any issues with Kleese; he’s probably one of the most effective support characters in the game right now, and my biggest issues are how long his healing takes to come online and the fact that no one seems to know how to play on a team with him. Related to that second point- people, if you’re going to play Kleese in PVP and lock someone else out of that choice please know- he has up to 3 energy rifts starting out, potentially 4 depending on your helix choices. USE THEM!

No I can play him just fine the issue is with his helix there’s a display issue saying he gains no shield when the helix specifically says increases max shields and I beat it but got bronze the first time since most of my team quick and this didn’t happen to me then. It was only after I unlocked kleese. If it is the heliophage it shouldn’t do that either it’s clearly an issue. Oh and he is pretty amazing isn’t he so worth the effort. I love his taser. It’s a great defense against melee focused characters

Huh, I hadn’t noticed that, but I also think I don’t normally grab that upgrade. I’ll have to check it out.

Huh. I noticed it immediately after I beat Heliophage (which I did get a silver rating on), but I didn’t unlock Kleese until after that when I went back and replayed the Saboteur solo to get my rating up. I’m definitely seeing the same “glitch”, I’m just not sure if it’s caused by what you think. Definitely there though, and certainly worth them looking into.

Kleese is probably my favorite character right now. When I’ve got an incursion team who gets how to use him as a mobile “base” for healing and shield resto, it feels like we’re unstoppable! I just hate picking him and then ending up on an all eldrin team since most of his support functions aren’t helpful until augment 5. I haven’t quite got the hang of using his more “in your face” augments like the detonating battle chair and exploding rifts. I feel like his biggest strength is in creating a rift network to lock an area down and then “pushing” by rotating the network forward and further into enemy territory; or on story mode, locking down the tower defense levels by sequestering the defense points inside the networks.

Have you tried his level 3 mutation? I tanked an entire sentry doing over 450 damage per shot. It’s op if you can hit your target but the delay and charge makes it hard to hit on smaller characters. It’s my favorite mutation so far.

It does this on a handful of helix options, when I view them from the character screens, there’s a 0 value, when viewed in game, I see the actual value.

I had a similar problem accept kleese wnt unlock. I did all missions on normal silver rating or higher