Is 120fps possible on new consoles

I was doing research on the latest generation of consoles, and one pretty cool feature is the ability to play some games in 120hz. I’m a PC gamer, so an increase of possible frames is always something I’m interested in.

I see that it’s possible to play Borderlands 3 at 120hz at certain resolutions, depending on the console. I was wondering if it’s also possible on the handsome collection, and if so which console, and at which resolutions.

The ideal selling point for me would be if a console could play the handsome collection 120hz at 1440p. There are some games that can achieve this on the Xbox Series X, depending on the display. I don’t have high hopes for this feature being very prolific though, because consoles generally focus on 1080p or 4k.

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Here’s the XBox store page:

I don’t immediately see anything about FR though. Gonna dig a little deeper.

OK, from the announcement of the enhanced version for the XBSX:

So no, doesn’t look like BL2 will run at 120 Hz on an XBSX.

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Game would need an update for that.

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Yeah, I did some digging and only saw mention of higher resolutions. I figure the only way to know for sure would be to test it on next-gen consoles, but I have none of those. It makes sense that Borderlands 3 is given more priority as far as next-gen features, but it still sucks to see how little attention the handsome collection receives with these sorts of patches (texture fade still enabled on ps5)