Is a Cataclysm Expansion possible?

Pretty much what the title asks. Is there any real possibility of the Cata content getting ported to HWRM game, getting the same treatment as HW1 and 2 did?

Please no. Not yet. Not until they’ve mastered how to remaster. There’s only so much disappointment one can handle in a year. We’d have a game where missilytes could only target strike craft, sentinels would be a one time use shield, hive frigates could only auto target, dreadnaughts repulsed themselves off the map, beast infection beam would be cause an AV alert outside the game, siege cannon would fire confetti, ACVs would emp allies and not enemies, mimics could only mimic friendlies and not asteroids, and multibeam frigates would be the ones from the garden of kedeshi.


Unfortunately it seems a Barking Dog ate the source code :slight_smile:

Whilst that in particular made me chuckle :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t mind Gearbox taking a stab at it, they would be much more ready for the concerns of existing players this time round. That and the development team would be in a much better place to make such a transfer. Knowing now some of the bigger stumbling blocks and pitfalls that lay ahead of them.


I’m in complete agreement with ratamaq.

Short answer: No. A Remaster is impossible. A remake may be possible.

A Remaster of Catalysm is actually impossible. The source code is gone, therefore it can’t be a remaster. It would have to be a reMAKE.

Could they do a remake? Yes. But it would have to be at least two years down the road when they begin. The reason is because this Remaster is still going and the multiplayer is still in beta. Plus, Homeworld: Shipbreakers is still in the making. They need to wait and see how successful this Remaster and how successful Shipbreakers is before they think about another Homeworld game.

I was asking about an expansion for this game. All you need is the old models for that.

You need a lot more than the old models. You have to recreate all the ship abilities like linking Acolytes and Mimics, Sentinel shields, the mimic ability, and the super weapons, as well as the ship upgrade mechanic (which works quite a bit differently than in HW2/RM) and ship experience. All of this should be possible, but it’s a mountain of work, and Gearbox still has to sort out all the behaviours and abilities of the existing ships before they can go adding two new races.


Linking was achieved in the PTV mod for hw 2

You also need the campaign scripting, which was all hardcoded in the engine just like HW1. Remaking it from scratch would not be fun.

When I saw the title of this thread, my first thought was - I hope not.

Then I read rata’s post and he nailed it.

Why would we want another game that looks sort of like the original, but doesn’t play right?

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So we get em all? Stupid question. :stuck_out_tongue:

but ya no Cata for now once the remastered edition is done we may see about it by all means… With working support frigs on the horizon I’d say that everything is possible.

Also remember that Cata dev video with 2 of the former devs present. There’s more source material left than you guys care to admit. The most important things are audio and video sources. The rest would have to be remade anyway…

I think at the moment GBX tries to transform the game engine that much by enhancements, additions that one must wonder if this may even become some sort of a Hw3 engine where they now just add in the most basic stuff and later more incredible things for hw3 should we ever get it…

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[quote=“goose3, post:12, topic:331668”]
So we get em all? Stupid question.
[/quote]We don’t really have Homeworld. What we have is an abomination! And I, for one, do not want to see the same thing to happen to Cataclysm as well. One heartbreak is enough :disappointed_relieved:

[quote=“goose3, post:12, topic:331668”]
I think at the moment GBX tries to transform the game engine that much by enhancements, additions that one must wonder if this may even become some sort of a Hw3 engine where they now just add in the most basic stuff and later more incredible things for hw3 should we ever get it…
[/quote]If they do make a HW3, it better have an all new engine :angry:

Please no. Given how badly Homeworld “Remastered” was mauled…

Cataclysm has so much more that would be ruined in the name of shiny graphics than even Homeworld.

Had Gearbox/Blackbird delivered an actual Remaster of Homeworld, (one that does not play like a bad mod of another game but plays exactly as Homeworld) I would say, please try it.

This is not the case.


You all bash RM too hard. Aside from balancing issues in MP and a few minor bugs here and there, the game is good. It’s not HW1, so stop comparing it to HW1.

Why would I not compare it to the first Homeworld? It’s called Homeworld Remastered, most of the video before and after shots were of Homeworld ships not Homeworld 2 ships, the marketing, the play on emotion, the ‘1999 game of the year’, ‘the game that reinvented RTS’ all Homeworld. No amount of after the fact information or explanation will change the fact that they used Homeworld to sell Homeworld 2 remastered with a Homeworld mod. This isn’t an opinion.

I can be hopeful that some programming magic can fix this, or make it better. But too many of the things that made Homeworld the master piece it was are either not there or not possible, and we have every right to be pissed about that. Will see how these patches go, I have faith because I believe gearbox wants to deliver. I’ve not yet seen anything that makes me question the dedication, disagreed with a few of the suggested decisions, but not the level of effort.


Stop comparing HWR to HW1??? Are you serious???

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Dead serious. It’s HW2 with a HW1 mod on top, this topic is about including a Cata “mod” as an expansion.

HWR was sold as a remaster of HW1 and HW2. I don’t disagree that what we got was a HW1 mod of HW2. I wish it had been sold that way. I would’ve passed. We had reason to believe that both games would play like the originals, but HW1 doesn’t.

Regardless, HWC used the HW1 engine. Why would we not expect a HWC remaster to be anything but another mod that looks like, but isn’t faithful to the original. If they can’t do it right, I’d rather they not do it at all.


it all depends on the existing code base.

they may find it better to continuously refine and enhance what they have here (I think the devs have done a fantastic job since the release with enhancements).

Brand new code can come with brand new problems.