Is a Nova Moze build possible?

Zane player here who loves spamming novas. Saw an anointment that fires off a nova when you exit Iron Bear and started looking into her trees. It seems to me with all the shield synergy on top of fire/splash damage amps that this would be strong. Anyone doing this or able to speak to its viability?

I hadn’t thought of it but, I guess a Nova Berner would be pretty wild. I’m planning on using one for a Fl4k on Fire build, but.

If the Berner fires EVERY time you reach full shields, then a Bloodletter with Vampyr could do some devilish things. Add the 30 percent boost to incendiary damage…

The Nova Berner has to break before it novas upon refilling. Maliwan Takedown is also adding a new legendary shield that combines the Berner with the Re-Charger for even more novas. But it would very difficult to run a nova build with Bloodletter that depended on the shield breaking.

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Okay, didn’t know, I’m not a user of either of these things yet. Just theorizing! Thanks!

I didn’t know either. But I thought your idea was cool and went to try it as I have a Berner. Unfortunately it didn’t work. :slight_smile:

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Damn that’s actually more depressing now. Lol. Yeah. In order to make it work you’d have to be trying to break your shield. Which, do-able with an Alchemist, but that seems like a LOT of work for a nova shield :joy:

In order to use any shield with a perk on shield break, Moze cannot use the deathless artifact. You also won’t want more than 2 points in Thin Red Line. As long as you have over 50% hp remaining, they can’t 1 shot you when the shield breaks. Then you can take advantage of shields like the Stop-gap.