Is a PS3 fix for BL1 MP Coming?

(Maxx Ammo) #1

It seems this whole sub section of the GBX Forums is pointless unless a fix is coming since Gamespy went and shut down the servers.

So Xbox 360 has been fixed - How about some TLC for the PS3 version of the Orig. Borderlands?


(Poorly drawn Starlord) #2

Xbox was never broken since it used microsoft servers instead of Gamespy ( I think…), but yeah I would be great to have ps3 back online.

I highly doubt it though.

(Qmark) #3

If it was going to happen at all, i would have happened by now.
There hasn’t even been a fix for all the nasty things a nonexistent GameSpy does to the game just by not existing.

([7-28 | Celestial Harmonia]) #4

This actually bothers me as much as not being able to play the game with a friend of my.

(Qmark) #5

Why bother porting the PS3 Online/Trading board at all?

(Jeffybug) #6

Latest update I have is that a transition is still under investigation by 2K. I don’t think it’s been ruled out.

RUMOR: Borderlands Remastered Edition incoming?
(Maxx Ammo) #7

Thank you for the update! I appreciate it!! :satisfied:

([7-28 | Celestial Harmonia]) #8

Thank you for the heads up, Jeff!

(Qmark) #9

At the very least, please try to fix the problems caused by Gamespy not being there, specifically the “can’t save” problem.

Dead online play is one thing. Dead online messing with offline play is another.