Is a Taiidan Campaign for Deserts of Kharak possible?

(x-Ray) #1

Many Players want a second campaign for Deserts of Kharak, so why not a Taiidan campaign? Homeworld Deserts of Kharak orginally was called Shipbreakers. I think it would be interesting to see the other side of this idea: a stranded Crew of an Taiidan Battleship fighting for their lifes in the Desert, traped by the Hyperspace Anormaly, searching for a Way to escape and hunted by Kiith Shipbreakers. But could this fit in the Storyline of the Homeworld universe? Post your thoughts here.

(doci7) #2

I don’t really believe something like this would make canon sense, but for whatever reason, with DoK that doesn’t especially bother me. My interest in seeing various races in HW be represented in land-armada form far exceeds my interest in that representation necessarily making much sense. If a Taiidan land-armada were to be made, then sure, why not have a fun campaign to go with it? Even if it doesn’t fit into canon!

Of course if the integrity of the story is paramount, I’d say the best course would be to have the crew mostly wandering in Gaalsien territory. Gaalsien encountering the Taiidan doesn’t tread heavily on HW canon, since anything the Gaalsien would learn about them would not be likely to ever reach the ears of anyone in the Coalition, and therefore not be especially revealing to anyone surviving the destruction of Kharak. Any time the Taiidan would encounter Coalition forces would probably have to result in there being zero Kushan survivors. In these ways, one could maybe argue that such events would be plausible within the established lore.

(RagnaroK) #3

I think a second campaign would make more sense if it was focused on holding the Khar-Toba against Khaaneph raids, as well as a civil war between the Siidim and the rest of the Coalition. That could lead up to the discovery of the Hyperspace Core and the Guidestone, which was a glaring absence from the end of the game.

That being said, BBI did such an incredible job of the campaign in DoK that I have no doubt that whatever they came up with would be superb. I want another campaign more than anything else.

(Taiidan Republic Mod) #4

I think something set later might work… How about these?

  • The hiigarans mopping up the vaygr from some distant planet shortly after the end of hw2
  • Taiidan civil war battles
  • Raider retreat extreme - the kushans land on the turanic raider planetoid
  • Bentusi homeworld under siege by the vaygr