Is Adrenaline broken?

I was playing around and tweaking my build last night and every time I specced into Adrenaline it felt like my cooldown rates got worse. I didn’t time it or anything, but with 5/5 in Adrenaline I was constantly sitting around waiting for the drone to come back once it finished. With 0/5 it was always ready to go. I do have topped off and around -9% cooldown on the Guardian Rank side.

Anyone else notice this, or is it just me?

I see this cooldown thing but in Moze since I dnt have Zane.
Whenever I spec my build into IB it feels like I’m getting inside a lot less than when I don’t spec into him…

I wonder if it’s a weird interaction with Topped Off? I remember hearing there was a problem with that Guardian Perk at some point. Guessing it never got completely fixed.

I don’t think it’s broken. I use it in most of my Zane builds, but that being said, I have noticed that on occasion, cooldown seems to increase when the shield is depleted, as in it increases/is longer than it would be if not specced into the skill

This was happening with full shield in between encounters. After finishing a mobbing area I’d sit and wait for the action skills to finish up and replenish. When I was specced into Adrenaline I had to sit and wait for a good while before moving on, but when I specced out of it I’d be ready to go almost instantly. If I have time tonight I think I’ll do some more testing.

That is interesting. I haven’t been using the dome lately, but I wonder if something got flubbed in the hotfix.

The Stainless Steel Bear fuel glitch does affect cooldown especially if you are getting in/out right away.